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The McB0rch4 Biweekly recommendation #2: Space Battleship Yamato 2199



Format: Anime

Status: Complete

Length: 26 episodes

Genre: Space Opera

Synopsis:  The year is 2199, and earth is besieged by an alien race of impossible military might.  After a mysterious alien arrives, bringing them the key to interstellar travel, and a message “Find us, and we will help you.”.   And so, humanity embarks on one final quest to fight their way to Iscandar, and save their dying world.

What I think:  Space Battleship Yamato is a classic, and it deserves that title.  This particular anime is a remake, but it stays very true to the original feel of the show.  One of its grander themes is that of war.  Both sides have people who are utterly devoted to their respective causes, willing to fight to the bitter end.  It appeals to a certain sense of honor that only appears on the battlefield.  Hands down, one of the best anime I’ve ever watched.

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