This is where you join the Swords of Light.

To join, fill out this form.

Shortly after you submit this form, you should receive two invitations via email, to our Slack chatroom, and to the blog. These invitations are sent manually, so you may have to wait a little while before they arrive. I apologize in advance for any waiting. In the meantime, you might watch a movie or something. I recommend Interstellar, if you haven’t seen it. Sushi recommends Redline.



  1. gamecraft0510123

    im so bored and just want to go on DossCraft.i also sent a email to doss to get me on the server put he hasn’t wrote back. :(

  2. Emperor_Mardoth

    White list me? I don’t really know what that means. XD

  3. Emperor_Mardoth

    Oh, okay. :P Thanks. :P

    Also…when will I be made an Author?

  4. gamecraft0510123


  5. plz add me all my servers are boring gamecraft told me about this and i saw him play it and it is so cool so plz add me

  6. add me to doss craft plz im so bord D;

  7. gamecraft0510123 help me plz post a coment or somethin cuz im starting to give up D;

    • Hello there! Sorry you didn’t get a response earlier, but welcome! You’ll need to email Doss to get whitelisted. I’ll need to dig his email out of somewhere, or maybe somebody can send you an application.

  8. thank u so much i alomst gave up!

  9. It’ll be worth it. Were at 54 players and are one of the few 1.5 servers. Please wait about 12 hours or less to be added. You will get an email when you have been added.


  11. ‘ello. My preferred username would be Rainbow Do. How I found out about Swords of Light is that I was searching for another BronyModPack server other than Brohoof and I came across topic on this website’s forums for a BronyModPack server and I’m really wanting to join it. My Minecraft username is Machobak2, don’t have any other accounts. I don’t understand the divisions, really though if there are three factions to choose from then I’d be a Sorcerer since I like magic! :D Please, let me join the BronyModPack server.

    • Brony mod pack works with all servers. :P

    • Didn’t see you there. Hello! I’m not really a brony, like at all, but this blog happens to be very brony-friendly. Welcome! We don’t have a brony modpack server, as the previous comments states, but we do have a lot of fun on any server we go on. We’re a little slow in actually getting people as an author, but hang in there and keep commenting, and you’ll get in here pretty quickly :)

  12. umm dosscraft isnt a brony mod pack server its mostly vanilla but its still an epic server!!! I say you should still try join!

    • It doesn’t have to be a Brony Mod Pack server for it to work though. It can be a ‘Vanilla’ server like Dosscraft.

  13. ya but i think he/she meant that it was doanloaded onto the server itself so every1 on the server can play it.
    :p :p :p

  14. Hey. This is Bane. I am join, and creating a new faction that I will lead. The Kreative Knights. I heard of you from LUMBs.

  15. Wait a minute! Put your mouse cursor over “Bane”‘s avvie! It’s Draco!

  16. MapleMeringue

    Nice try, Dwac.

    Well, not nice try. But still, intriguing. I saw right through it, though. :P

  17. OxygenFerret

    Hey, SoL!

    Thought I might give a go at joining you guys.
    Preferred username: OxygenFerret
    Heard through: LMB
    Lego ID user: Owslafa
    Division: Not quite sure what this means…

    Also, if you don’t mind suggestions from outsiders, the background you have right now is somewhat hypnotizing and potentially headache-inducing. Just a thought.

    • Hello! Wait the customary three seconds, and then you’re in!

      Division is something we put in place a while back, basically factions. Check out the Division pages.

      Yeah, we’re having some issues with that. I’ll modify it some in just a moment.

      And now that you have one approved comment, all future comments will appear instantly. Hop in chat.

    • Owslafa! Awesome, you’ve joined! Good to have you here, buddy. :)

  18. Oy! I’m sorry, I forgot to mention that I’m Grongringro01. Though nowadays, I’m known as G. :)

  19. OxygenFerret

    Ah. Good to see you, G!

  20. turboknight23

    Hiya people! I finally decided to join!

    • Should I know you? I’m grongringro01 from the LMBs, though I’m known as G ’round these parts. And welcome! :D

  21. cyberneticjackalope

    Well, I suppose after getting to know you guys on chatroll for a while and stalking the blog for longer than that, I should probably join here.

    My preferred username would be CyberneticJackalope, and I heard of this group through Barcha.
    My username on Chatroll is ArgentJackalope, and cyberneticjackalope on WordPress. I do not have either of the other types of accounts listed, though that may change in the future and I will let you know if it does.
    I’d like to join the Marksmen.

  22. turboknight23

    Yes G. You should know me. I had assumed you knew who I was, after all, my username is so like my one on the LMBs. Yes, I’m TURBOBUILD23

  23. I notice you were less enthusiastic about after i clarafied

  24. Hi! My preferred user name is zardorin. I heard about this blog from thelieutenant (who I know IRL). My names: Minecraft-Turdburglar73 Lego- Talo100 and no other of those listed. And I am confused about the divisions so someone please reply and explain the use of them for me. Thank You!

    • -waves-

      Hello, Zardorin! Good to see you found us here. The divisions are more of a little fun thing we have to encourage activity here on the blog. Back in the day, when LU was still around, they had a bit more of a defined purpose. But for now they are just a nice loose achievement system.

    • Hello! Welcome to SoL. I’m Draco, Leader of the Paladins.
      The Divisions are just sub-groups of the whole guild. We still all hang out together, it’s just what we might split into in a game or something. If you ever played LU, they were originally the four factions, but they changed over time. So just pick one you think fits you, Paladins are warriors and sworsmen, Sorcerers are wizards and mages, and Marksmen are archers and rangers.

  25. OK I would like to be a marksman!

  26. Hi! Welcome LL’s friend to the Marksmen Division, zardorin!

  27. Arright, after about four month of stalking you guys as a guest, I think I’m gonna join this place.
    Username: 3G01
    Where I heard ’bout ya’ll: LMBs, of course.
    Other username stuff: MC: intercenter. Lego ID: grongringro01. (I really need to change that name… :P) Chatroll Profile: Voidian3G/3G01
    That other thing: Ima be a Marksman.
    Aaaand there we go.

  28. Sparrowhawk

    Username: Sparrowhawk
    Lego: bricksmasher2110
    Wordpress: bricksmasher2110
    Minecraft: RiskyGravy1
    Xbox Live: entropytwitch
    I heard of you guys from the LURP.
    Ditto to the Draco thing. :P

  29. Well, what do you know… Someone new finally got around to joining our ranks. Welcome, Sparrowhawk, and may your time here be pleasant. :D

  30. Sparrowhawk

    Hi G. :P

  31. I can’t figure out how to reply. :P Every time I try to hit it, nothing happens. :P
    But, Thank you, LL. I’ve heard about you from LURP and Bucky, glad I could finally meet you!

    • If you’re on a mobile device, or some sort of thing like that, reply can never actually work for me! So no worries on that note.

      Oh, I didn’t know I’d have a reputation from those days of yore! It’s good to meet you as well. I really should try and get back into LURP…

  32. Well im in an iPad currently, so there you go. :P

  33. fffffplayer1

    Username: fffffplayer1
    Lego ID: fffffplayer1
    Wordpress: fffffplayer1
    Chatroll: Guess what! fffffplayer1 :P
    I don’t play any of the games you guys play, so for now I don’t think I have anything else to write.
    I found out about SoL in LURP and actually have been a SoL for some time even though I hadn’t signed up here!
    And yes Draco can bring justice upon me! :P

    • Monium Hovawart

      Yes, you’ve been in the chat several times, along with two of the failed RP attempts. You have been noticed. It’s nice to finally be able to put a check mark in your file. Let me give you an official welcome! First, here’s a stack of paperwork for you to sign, and a schedule for the various physical examinations required…

    • Adding in the oath was such a great idea. Also, welcome to the Swords of Light!

  34. Sparrowhawk

    Yeah. Hi. It’s me, Bricksmasher, but I go by Sparrowhawk. Or just Hawk. Welcome! And, drop by chat soon, you may be able to help us with our LURP saving endeavors.

  35. Preferred username: Ranger5379

    I saw my sister on this website. :)

    I have a lego ID, its Ranger5379. As for the other stuff, I might get it latter.

    I agree to this statement: “I pledge myself to the Swords of Light and will follow its rules. Should I break these rules, Draco can bring justice upon me.”

  36. Thank you people. ;)

  37. UnfathomableGolden

    Hello! On the contrary of this terrible weather, I’m feeling absolutely fantastic! :D

    Alright, so I’ve finally decided to join just because…errrrr… is full of risks (most definitely including buccaneer invasions ;) ), and I should just have a whack at it! ;)
    Oh, and yup. This is Ranger’s “sis”.

    I did find this sight a few years back from the LMB, but never put much thought into it. I doubt my LMB username even matters at this point, since I don’t really use it.

    My preferred username shall be UnfathomableGolden as is my WordPress account. I might possibly get Chatroll as well…I don’t know.

    And are y’all still doing that Faction thing? If so, I’d like to be a mage.

    Thanks! :)

  38. fffffplayer1

    I would like to welcome both of our new members! May you have a good time here!

  39. Welcome to SoL, Golden! :D Another girl :D We’re going to take over — Girl Power! :D :P

  40. Will Cashien

    Welcome to SoL, golden and ranger! Nice to meet you both.

  41. Hey all, I’m RB or Razorbackwriter from Australia. Really interested to join in here. I’ve been rping for about 7 years, and enjoy forum and live posting. My current work is featured on my blog. Cheers. :)

  42. Hey guys! Welcome to the SoL. I show up occasionally. I hope you enjoy your stay! (because you’ll be staying forever) :p

  43. G disappeared and those other guys never really stuck around.

    And welcome Razor.

  44. fffffplayer1

    Guys, how long does it usually take until someone gets that e-mail? There’s a friend of mine who wants to join, but he hasn’t, as far as I know, yet received any such e-mail!

  45. arcanegunner

    Hello peoples of SoL!
    username: Arcanegunner
    Steam account: Arcane Gunner

    So I was introduced here by fffffplayer1 and i hope to be able to join you at the forums. Since the new roleplay scenario started recently, can i take part now?

    Thats for now. Hope to post more soon!

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