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Euripides part 2

This is the second part of my story, I’ll attempt to put one out every 2 days if possible.

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This is just a little short story I decided to write up for fun. It includes much nonsense and many references. I used Swords of Light members as the characters, no offense meant to any and I hope you enjoy.

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Anime With Ace: Episode 18: Jyu-Oh-Sei


My apologies for lying in the title, for you are not getting a lovely anime review by Ace, but instead by me! Props to Ace for managing to coax the resident chat addict onto the blog. For this anime review, I will be doing an anime that left me feeling rather odd after finishing it. I honestly am not sure what my full feelings are for this anime, but it had something special about it that I decided makes it worth watching.

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Wishsolen’s Dropship

Time for a new member of the month!

Okay, it’s nearing the end of the month so we’ll be needing a new member of the month very soon.  This time I’ll be counting the votes, so when you see me in chat, PM me your nomination.  I look foward to seeing who the Next Member of the month will be..  Goodluck to you all!

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