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Hello friends,

It is I. Volty volt volt volts. I’m sort of back! It’s nice to see you all, or whatever avatar represents you on this here internet.

I’ve come to talk about Overwatch.

If you don’t know, Overwatch is Blizzard’s new class based shooter. It is extremely fun. If I had to relate it to something else, I would say it is TF2 with better graphics and more classes.

Here’s a fancy website:

Anyway, I was wondering if any of y’all have picked it up, as it’s extremely team oriented (teams of 6) and I’ve found that a team with good communication absolutely wrecks anyone they face and have (has?) more fun doing so. So if any of you are interested I’d love to get a group to play this game together one of these days.

The game is available for $40, but you can also buy a $60 version (which I did and don’t recommend. You just get extra skins. Not worth $20).

That’s my short lil post. I hope all of you are having a fantastic summer!


LEGO Universe

First off, I’m not dead! I’ve been really inactive lately, but high school and stuff is kinda taking up a lot of my time soooo….yup.

Anyway, on to more exciting stuff. LEGO universe has been closed for almost two and a half years now. That’s a long time. And after all this time, I have found a way to play it again. I’m serious. Not a scam. It works. First off, here is a video of playing LU March 2014:

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I’ve noticed there haven’t been any snapshots for MC recently. so I looked around the Developer’s twitter pages, and found some cool stuff.

Looks like there will be some new biomes, like this cool looking pine forest, and this glitch disco-biome. It also looking like they’re doing a sort of cliffs biome by oceans and stuff like that. And check out these cool little sunflowers! They’re supposed to serve as a sort of compass too, they only face one direction (east, I think.)


So that’s what’s happening. Check out those twitter pages for more info, and thank you for watching MC news.



Mods! In space!

Okay. So I know a lot of you play FTL. But did you know there were MODS for FTL? Even if you did, I doubt any if you have them installed. I made this handy dandy little guide that was originally an e-mail to LL, thought it was worth a look:

Okay! FTL mods! Took me a while to get working but it was worth the wait. They’re awesome.

To get mods, first go here.

Python is a programming language that is required to use the mod manager I’ll talk about next. Get the latest windows installer (3.3 I think) there, and download and
install it. I promise it won’t kill your computer or anything. I’m actually learning to program in python, you might have some fun dinking around with it. Here’s
a good guide.

Now back to mods. You need to go here.

Download version 1.7. That was the one that worked the best for me, and it’s the latest version anyway. I’ve seen various people argue that 1.5 is the best,
but for some reason I couldn’t get that to work, so go with 1.7. So download that and extract it anywhere, it detects FTL automatically.

The only problem with 1.7 is that it doesn’t detect python due to a bug. So before you actually use the mod manager, you need to download this fixed .exe.

Replace the old .exe with that and you’re good to go.

Now you need some mods. Here’s the master mod list, which contains all working mods.

Once you get some, place them in your mods folder, which is located wherever you extracted the mod manager. To start off, I suggest getting the Obsidian Cruiser , which replaces Engi ship layout B.

Once you’ve put that (or any other mod) in the mods folder, start the mod manager and click ‘Toggle All’ and then ‘Patch’. Once that’s done, a window pops up
asking you if you would like to play FTL now. I suggest you click yes and see if the mod works. It should.

If it doesn’t and messes up your game, the Mod Manager topic on the FTL forum has steps to restore your game. The quickest way to do it, I think, is verify your game
files on steam. If you don’t have FTL on steam, they tell you how to fix it then too.

Anyway, Enjoy! They have lots of cool mods, like a total conversion star trek mod, new ships, and the pirates mod, which is one of my favorites.

Have fun!




EDIT BY D: Okay, sure. :P

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