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This took way too long…

Alright! Finally, after far too much dawdling, I’ve finished the backend of mine and Draco’s Minecraft map. D, if you would be so kind as to MCEdit your valley onto it, we can get started.

Everyone, please try it out and let me know if you find any bugs.


For those interested.

Just a bit of an update on the Minecraft map I’ve been working on. I’ve got all the guts working, so the classes will all run and their special abilities will work. I’d like to do a multiplayer playtest, but I’m going away for a week, and won’t have access to the internet. So I’ll give you guys the download link, and let you test it. Maybe when I’m back I can get someone to set it up on a server, and we can test it together. Draco, I was unable to copy/paste the valley you made into the world, as my computer sucks. :P Feel free to do so.


Edit: New version, fixed some problems with class selection and teleporting.

Awww yeah….

Awww yeah....

After hours of grinding skeletons, I have finally constructed the best sword ever. :P



Will: I am Will, I am awesome and I fit the bill, you are lord barcha, your taste in literature couldn’t be any darker, you’re a fan fiction writer, but your stories never have anything cool, like a hobbit, a wolf, or a spider! You can’t compare to me, I will go down in history! I am not your average rapper, I am just way better, that’s all. You may select me, the awesome dude, or him, the not awesome dude, your call

Barcha: Sure, you’re definitely something special, A Gary Stu straight from the bad fanfic commercial. I’m the story-weaver, the reveling reaver. Your story’s beeh hijjacked, so hold on, son, I’ll twist your plot so hard you’ll be crying when I’ve barely begun.

Will: You claim to be a nerd, but you’re a teenager that likes ponies, spread the word! Lord Barcha is not much for rap, but he can sure blather a bunch of **** (carp :P) your groupies may thing I just got burned, but now I’ll own you, it’s MY turn! You can’t even stand up to me, while you’re just sitting at your table, the rumor that you can rhyme is not much more then a fable! You compose some dark fairy stories, but I will win, and take all the glory!

Barcha: I like ponies, it’s true, but they’ve got a much better story than you. You think you can touch me? I’ll go incorporeal, and then we’ll see. My purpose is untouchable, my methods inscrutable. You’re out of your league, kid, so I’ll make this quick. I chase naughty boys like you around in a mecha with a giant stick.

Will: You may have a giant stick chase little boys with, but I’m a noble knight who fights dragons, dark lords, and sith! You’re a faker, that’s for sure, but I am the white knight, and my cause is pure! You have a lot of fancy words, i’ll admit, but when you lose, over there is where you’ll sit!

Barcha: Of course you’re a hero. But as an author, you get a zero. As a mere character, you walk a world of my creation. And when a thousand dragons eat you alive, you’ll be painfully aware of its cessation. If you’re a point, I’m a line. Why do you expect me to cower before your paltry shine? Now bow, slave! IF you do, I might not give you such an early grave!

Will: You create fiction a lot, but in reality you’re just a dysfunctional robot! This will be your demise, frankly, I am not very surprised. I’ll have mercy on you and have the last word, but I must say you don’t deserve the title of geek or nerd! You may have won in your fantasy, but I have truly owned in reality! With clever wordplay, you’re a fool, but I am quite adept, so let me take you to school! All your burns are first degree, and guess who knows how to treat those? Me!

Barcha: Reality is a grand story, crafted from rhyme. And as far as yours goes, you’ve been out-competed by a lime. Here, have some salve for your burn, after all, your performance took a terribly pathetic turn. In the end, I can but hope that others give you pity. After all, you stumbled badly enough to shame a city. Time’s up for you, and for me. The only difference is that I can still see. I’m sorry for blinding you with my skill, but in this case, I had to go for the kill.


Who won?! Who’s next?! You decide!!!!



Yeah, this is what happens when I get my hands on MCEdit. :P 20 square chunks of TNT, up to the 256 block limit. :P I crashed my game trying to light it. :P

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