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Just heard about this game today, I have to say it looks pretty fun, you guys should check it out, It’ll be coming to PC, Mac, Linux, Wii U, if it gets it’s $300,000 goal, and it will come to PS4 if it meets it’s $440,000 stretch goal.


FTL: Faster Than Light, LEGO

I know I would buy it.

How the Wii started.

I was just browsing around NintendoLife today, and found an interesting article, it was pretty interesting, how apparently a guy named Tom Quinn created the Wii in 1999, got shot down (figuratively.) by Microsoft and Sony, and then finally accepted by Nintendo, you can read the article here.

Protected: Bah Humbag of the day.

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Gone campin’

Just incase anyone here thinks I’ve left because I haven’t been around here much, well, you are welcome to blame LL, because HE is the one who introduced me to, Ghandi, who likes to nuke you, compulsively.

Anyways, that would explain why I haven’t been as active for the past few days, but now I won’t be on at all for about a week since me and my family are going camping, and please could you all go tell 152252 to shut his yapper, because I don’t think he’ll listen to my post saying he can’t attack me because I’m gone.

Oh, yes I almost forgot, if anyone has the time I would like them to check The Bounty Hunter HQ 8 in Star Wars: The Clone Wars Roleplay for posts by a guy by the name of ARC or Spithalter(Something like that.), if they(he) complains I didn’t complete my job, you can tell them to shut it too, ‘Kind regards,  from Soranos’

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