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The Closing of LURP

Righteeo. It’s happening. Apologies for the link that will not work, but…

Oh. Huh. Links automatically fix themselves these days. That’s rather handy.

I do find it a little bit odd that they’re closing the Lego Universe roleplay, but leaving several of the more inactive ones intact. I guess our odd style finally drew some anger, or they got fed up with the theme that is supposed to be long gone.

Just a notice. I figure some of you lot would like to know, and seeing it here might be convenient.


Question #75


(I had a bit of trouble with pictures. So, in the place of the drawing normally here, imagine the most dashing man you possibly can. Give him a pair of shades, then imagine he’s dancing on a grave marked by a headstone with Dwakou’s name engraved upon it. Yep, that’s me. I look great, don’t I?)
EDIT: Fixed that for you Hov.

Well, look at this. We’re at question seventy-five, which happens to be one of my favorite numbers. And, as it so happens, I have been chosen to do the question this week!

If you expected something not related to the Art, you don’t know me well enough. Picture this; you were out walking one day, nice and carefree, when a vortex opened up before you. This vortex dragged you into its depths, depositing you in a traditional fantasy world. Within moments of your arrival, you feel an odd energy bubbling beneath your skin. You are one of the select few that can use magic instinctively! (Cheater.)

What type of magic has been gifted to you, and how will you make use of it? Do keep in mind that there is a fanatical group of those who shun the Art, believing it to be a gift from demons. Avoiding them would probably be a good idea.

What do we do with the Assasins faction?

Ok, so, LF has gone. He left the Assasins to Oli, who, while he is trustworthy and all, is only Rank 7 I think. So, perhaps we should disband the Assasins faction? Afterall, Oliboy would only be leader of himself :P  What should we do? We could spread out the existing factions, for another option. And also, maybe, remake it, different name, etc.


Protected: Evil Roleplay Plans to Conquer the… ALL MEMEBERS MUST READ!

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I’d like to show you guys a few posts. All of these are made by Bane.

I will reserve 4 EN rifles, please.
* Holds out designs for a suit of armor that anyone who fought the kingdom in its early days should know.*
These could be yours for the rifles, my friend. That, or I could take you to LU Court for making such OP weaponry; according to Hov’s description, they are OP. You can take my bribe, or I can use this blackmail and send the SoL to jail. Your choice…. Unless you wish to fight one of the undead who can move between the realms of the living and dead at will?

After we replied…

1. You do realize that KK Spartan Armor MK ll was the very same armor that kept me alive when the BD hologram blew up, and the MK ll survived the real deal.
2. All I said was that an EN field is OP, which it is. Nullifying all energy attacks and then claiming nobody can replicate it is unfair at best, and reportable at worst.
3. Since when am I OP? That move where I saved the LEADERS of the Rebs and Co, and NF, required me to give my life up by converting my physcial form into pure Imagination.
4. I can easily haul you off to the brig; you don’t possess the magic capabilities to do that, and you are worthless without your technology.
5. That undead person… is me. You already ran away once, and, if you continue to insult me, claim your moves are fair( When they aren’t always) and accuse people of being OP, then I may just decided to knock you off your throne first instead of the GC.
Now that I have destroyed any hope of you rendering me a joke, surrender the weapons at once. And don’t wave any DI threats at me; I can counter that with ease, and I have a warrior at my command who was as strong as Bane before possessing the MK ll armor, and he is immune to DI( Maelstrom infection wipes out Imagination, and DI is non-reactive with Maelstrom.)

Be smashed, oh puny insulter.( See SoL topic.)
* 50 KK dropships appear out of warp, missles at the ready.*
I am unafraid to smash you, Hov. However, I will allow you the dignity of having a sporting chance of surviving a few moves. En garde!
*Several very large guns begin to ominously hum, creating spatial distortions in the local area.( Visual, not real. Stfff like things becoming invisible, twisting, etc.)

Bane is a blasted nuisance. We let Barcha kill him, and if Bane stay true to form, we all mob him. Sound like a plan?


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