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Hey y’all, Meed here.

We’re having a game of MVM in TF2 on Saturday at 7:00PM EST. Feel free to come along if you still have your Tour of Duty Ticket from Smissmas. If you can make that time, please RSVP here or message me on Steam. We’re currently full up on slots, but feel free to join the Skype call anyway, and if by chance someone can’t make it we’ll draft you.

Currently RSVP’d:

Me, Bucky, Draco, Barcha, LL, Oxy?

EDIT: If you have Skype and you haven’t added me, please do so – it helps a lot with team synergy. Skype name: Meedled


Update/Summer Sale

Well, I just spent about 10 minutes writing this, and then fat-fingered mouse 4…  Sooo…  This isn’t going to be as long winded as it was to begin with.  I’ll just give you a TL:DR.

  • What does everyone think of the Summer Sale so far?
  • What games have people bought so far or are looking to buy?
  • What do people think of trading cards so far?
  • I am looking to buy trading cards for TF2 and Dota 2 items.
  • Add me on Steam if you haven’t already.
  • I will be updating this post with deals I see that might interest any of you.
  • Feel free to comment if you see a deal you think is worth sharing.

Torchlight 2 – 75% off.  $4.99.  Offer ends 11AM EST.

Orcs Must die 2 – 75% off.  $3.74.  Offer ends 11AM EST.

Bastion – 85% off.  $2.24.  Offer ends at 4PM EST.


EDIT BY BUCKY: Hey, saved your post. The original post is below. 


Well, the sale was kicked off earlier this week, and I now I’m a bit late to the party on making this.  Nonetheless, what games have you all bought so far, and what are you planning to buy?

Also, if you’re Steam Level 5 or over, don’t forget to vote on what games will be on sale next.  You are allowed to vote every 8 hours, and every third vote you get a Summer Sale Trading card.

On the subject of trading cards, how are you all enjoying them?  For the time being, I guess this post could be the unofficial trading post for them, outside of Steam.  I am looking for any and all Summer Sale cards, as I want to level up my badge.  If you are interested in trading, I have TF2 and Dota 2 items to offer for cards.  Message me on Steam (or massage me if you’d like) if you’d like to trade.


Greetings all.

I’m just here to ask what ones of you have steam, and what games you play.  So, which ones of you have steam, and what games do you play?  I would highly suggest TF2.  One of the best games I have played in my life, and it’s free.  It’s a First person Shooter, and it has a bit of blood.  If you don’t like the blood, you can use an item called the Pyrovision goggles.  If you don’t have them, I can get you some.

If you can, please add me on Steam (Username: “[SOL] Meedled”).  I would also suggest a game called Dungeon Defenders.  It costs like 15 bucks, and is worth every cent.  It’s a dungeon defence marred with a hack & slash, with no blood or gore.  It is up to 4 player co-op, but some advanced maps allow up to 8 players.

Thank you for listing to my plugs.





Le Games

Good day, all.  This is an Update of sorts as to what I’ve been up to (in relation to Gaming).

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I sure hope that worked.

~Le Meed


Oh yes, and to keep with the theme, here is some awesome.  I am putting it in a link, as there is cartoon violence (orange blood).


Hey guys. Check this crazy ocean biome I found. Be sure to play it in Creative though. A Stronghold is nearby, too. The Seed is: 8839269194921338644.



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