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Diplomacy, Take 3

We have now played two games of diplomacy here, over the course of weeks.  Misplays have happened.  Backstabs have occurred.  In fact, the bakestabes have been particularly common, and sometimes game winning.

It is with the fires of salt and rage that I call “Another!”.  Let us all gather together once again, to be tilted anew!  But this time, it will be no slow burn!  It will be played in a single day!  If you are interested, comment below.  Once we have seven, we can begin planning a time.


The Epic Backdoor: REVENGE EDITION.


The joke is that some of you were lead to believe that I had ceded the game to wish out of sorrow or rage.   But I WAS HERE ALL ALONG!


The McB0rch4 Biweekly Recomendation #3: Jyu Oh Sei

Format: Anime

Status: Complete

Length: 11 Episodes

Synopsis:  In the distant future, much of mankind lives in space colonies orbiting a distant star.  The people live in prosperity and peace, their criminals and misfits banished to the utterly untamed planet, Chimera.  The story follows Thor and his brother, Rai,  after they crash on Chimera.

What I think:  I really had to skimp on the synopsis because it’s very short, and they make sure to get the absolute most out of every second.  It’s a very solid Science Fiction piece.  It does a very good job of establishing the characters and world.  Chimera itself is an absolute hell of a world, with carnivorous (and mobile) plants the size of elephants, and an even more terrifying human population.

The McB0rch4 Biweekly recommendation #2: Space Battleship Yamato 2199



Format: Anime

Status: Complete

Length: 26 episodes

Genre: Space Opera

Synopsis:  The year is 2199, and earth is besieged by an alien race of impossible military might.  After a mysterious alien arrives, bringing them the key to interstellar travel, and a message “Find us, and we will help you.”.   And so, humanity embarks on one final quest to fight their way to Iscandar, and save their dying world.

What I think:  Space Battleship Yamato is a classic, and it deserves that title.  This particular anime is a remake, but it stays very true to the original feel of the show.  One of its grander themes is that of war.  Both sides have people who are utterly devoted to their respective causes, willing to fight to the bitter end.  It appeals to a certain sense of honor that only appears on the battlefield.  Hands down, one of the best anime I’ve ever watched.

Relevant link:


The McB0rch4 Biweekly Reccomendation #1: Tower of God

First, a brief introduction.  To those of you who are part of the regular TS, or chatroom crowd, you know that I watch way too much anime.  I also read too many manga and/or webcomics.  You’re also quite aware that I also want YOU to do the same.  And so, I end up throwing out recommendations every other day or so.  I’m starting this biweekly post as a way of both highlighting the best of my findings, and keeping the constant stream to a more manageable trickle.  You can expect these factors from anything on one of these posts:

  1. I enjoyed it.  A lot.
  2. It is managably short (anime recs will be no longer than 26 episodes)
  3. It is something at least slightly removed from the mainstream. (I want to highlight the under-appreciated.)

And now, to your actual content.


Format: Korean Webcomic

Status: Ongoing

Length: 120 Chapters

Genre:  Action, Fantasy

Synopsis:  After his only friend, Rachel, enters the Tower of God, to chase after he dreams, Twenty-Fifth Baam chases after her.  The Tower promises power, wealth, and life eternal to those strong enough to climb it.  But for every person who stands at the peak, a thousand more fall, dead or worse.

What I think:

Tower of God was my first introduction to the korean webcomic,  and I’m very glad I gave it a shot.  The plot’s strengths are twofold.  It is extremely simple where it needs simplicity, and complex where complexity is rewarding.  For example, each floor of the tower holds a number of tests.  The over-arcing plot between floors is simple enough.  Beat the test, move upward.  But each test becomes a multifaceted game of politics, and complex rules.  Those who have climbed the tower already have their eyes on the new potentials, and seek to eliminate threats to their own power, or boost their possible allies upward.

The themes of the story are companionship and loss.  Most of the main cast is extremely well developed, Baam being a particularly good example of this.  He climbs the tower to chase after Rachel, but his determination is continuously tested by her, as she has no interest in being caught.

The art itself is gorgeous, after the early weirdness passes.  Everything is extremely stylized.  The largest theme, by far in the art is that of water.  All of the native magic takes on the form of manipulation of a substance whose properties mirror that of water.

Useful Notes:

The author is a troll.  The more  feminine the character, the more likely they’re a trap.

Not adequately explained.  Each floor of the tower is AT LEAST, as large as Eurasia.  “Tower” is, therefore, an inadequate descriptor.  Estimates on total population inside range anywhere from 500 billion to 10 Trillion or more.

Now go read it, you jerks.

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