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On the LoL update

I am sorry there is no update this fine Thursday, as I am working on a project . So, to prevent this occurrence in the future, LoL updates will come on either Sunday, Monday, or Tuesday.



League of Legends Update 1/8


UPDATE 1/8 by DeadyThePanda


Hello all! I’m posting this since I didn’t want Bucky to have to experience the agony of having two questions of the week next to each other :P

Basic Information and Stuff:

So, there is not much new to discuss. Snowdown has ended, so the Showdown gamemode is no longer available. You should check out the unforgiven
movie poster fan arts, those are pretty cool:

For Free Champion Rotation and Skin Sale, Click the button below!

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August 4th Update and Other Things


Your favorite extremely AWESOME panda, Deady, is back with his new weekly photo and news! As will soon become common, all updates will come on sundays. If I miss one, well, wait a day :P

We now have our OWN Roleplay Forums set up, and Official!

Hovawart… Lets hope he can return. Perhaps we can try a new chatroom ip? Then send it to him via Steam? Post it on the forums? I dunno.

Its so Sad! Whaaaa!


Somebodys B-day is soon(Guess who?)

Lots of Returns for Fun.


Its late, so I did myself.

Faze:Fus Picture

EDIT BY BUCKY: I removed the filler. Keep it clean and concise.

The other person is a good friend, FazeOfKnight1.

July 28th Update on well, stuff.

Hello! Today its time for another picture! We shall save that for the finale!

Anyhows, I just got back from qualifying rounds for swim team. I swam a 50 meter backstroke in 46 seconds, and a 50 meter freestyle in 41 seconds. Keep in mind, this is counting my swagtastic flip turns.

Cube World is still not mac compatible.* My B-day is coming up soon. I might get a PC :D Then I can become MLG pro.

We have an awesome lineup of movies coming out to close summer, like Wolverine! So, if you remember Todd Akin, prepare to lolz.


Derp Right?



So well done, RIGHT?


Alright. For realzies now.


Here we see our local do-good paladin, Draco309, fight the servants of some evil necromancer!


Yay for returns between whatever I say. It makes this post seem longer. It’s really only 182 some words long.

* BTW, just because others have cube world right now, you don’t have bragging rights as to I played first, blahblahblah. So don’t try and pull anything. Got it? :P

I Hurd Dere Wuz An Earthquake

Hullo! Yur Locil antigrammarism Panduh hear!

Okay, Enough of the DracoSpeak.

Apparently, there was an earthquake in New Zealand; old members know that is where Meedled is.

I hope he is okay.

Nothing else is new really. No Mac version of cube world yet.

I might be starting a lets play, but hey. Ya never know.

Oh Yes. I said I might, so I did.


Here we see our good wolf army leader, and our Supreme Ruler, Lord Monium Hovawart.

Pictures coming every week perhaps

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