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Swords of Light Modpack Ideas?

I’m working on a modpack for 1.7.10. 1.8 if a minimum 66% of the mods are cooperative with it. And there will be 2 periods of creation that involves the majority of swords.

1st Period: Commenting down below on what mods you want in. I will take suggestions until August 10th 5:30 PM Eastern Standard Time -5:00 hours.

2nd Period: If there is more than 100 mod suggestions I will pick them all up for a vote to see which 100 is the most popular. Voting would be for 1 month afterward.

3rd Period:  The mods will be assembled together by me for who knows how long.

1st period starts now…


Art Raffle Updates

Well I was close to finishing some of the pieces but then my computer broke so I had to get a new one so I will need May to make the pieces and I will make the Art Raffle now only be in June because my next classes for the next few years are the most important ones in grade school. So sorry for the inconveniences.


Drawing for Drawings Winners! #1

Well I’m doing something new! A monthly Digital Art Raffle where everyone is a winner! If you want to be a part of it next month leave a comment down below!

Anyway this month we had 13 entries and I’ll list them down below! BTW go check out it was where I did the decisions on who came in each place!

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The Cat’s ModPAT is a go!

So guys, here is something new I’m working on a modpack called, “The Cat’s ModPAT” Why ModPAT instead of Modpack? Because it is PAT for Popular-mods At The-moment. I plan to have it feature, mods such as…

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Video of the Week #1 Theme: Noteblock Songs!

Welcome to my new series of posts every Monday. Called Video of the Week. This week’s theme is “Popular Songs in Noteblocks.” The noteblock songs are made by youtuber, AwesomenessZack. I give all respect and awe to him for making the noteblock songs. That takes real hard work so pay some respect by subscribing to him. Anyway next week I will taking votes and to make a vote for your favorite minecraft video. It doesn’t have to be a noteblock video. Also, to make your vote count it must follow the rules below.

1. It cannot have ANY inappropriate stuff

2. I would like it to be Minecraft Related.

Anyway I will show the top video followed by the two runner ups.

Winner: Wrecking Ball – Miley Cyrus (Minecraft Note Block Song)

2nd Place: Dark Horse – Katy Perry (Minecraft Note Block Song)

3rd Place: We Can’t Stop – Miley Cyrus (Minecraft Note Block Song)

-JosiahGoodHead A.K.A. Josiah, JGH.

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