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Changing Slack

See here, you goons. I’m making some changes to the way things are done in slack here.


Number one, let me explain about slackbot. Slackbot has some responses to certain keywords with a link to the rules. The idea here is to, as it says, remind you of the rules. It’s a reminder; it’s not necessarily saying that what you said was against the rules, but that one of the words that you said touches close on some topics that are against the rules. It’s a reminder. Nothing more, don’t take it as more. Slackbot is not an enforcer of the rules, and his opinion carries no weight. I apologize if the filter isn’t to your liking.


Hov is the appointed Slackbot Mechanic. It’s his job to make sure that slackbot is reminding people when they need to be reminded, and that slackbot says something before a moderator needs to intervene. If you can see a way that the filter can be improved, tell him. He’s not obligated to take your suggestions. If you’re not Hov, don’t touch slackbot responses.


Now the goal, the goal is to not have anyone be uncomfortable. And that’s apparently pretty dang hard. Some people, believe it or not, have aversions to sex, innuendo, gore, and other stuff like that. Who would have thought. The point of the rules is to make it such so that making others uncomfortable is against the rules. I tried to make them as lenient as I can, while still preventing people from offending other people.


Like, I don’t care what you say, at all, unless it offends someone. I’ve been around the block a few times, and am pretty chill. It takes a lot to actually offend me. But I get real pissed, real fast, if you piss someone else off in my territory. You can make a very simple flowchart to see if something is OK with me.


Does it offend someone? If yes, it’s not OK. If no, whatever.


This is why DMs and private channels are unregulated, but you can still be held to what you say in them. If everyone seeing the message isn’t made uncomfortable by it, I don’t care. But the moment that you start to piss someone off with what you say, it becomes an issue.


And you can nitpick, and take mock offense, and pretend to be made uncomfortable by things, but that’s not the point. Don’t be a smartass. I’m trying to maintain this community and make it as enjoyable an experience as I possibly can.


To that end, I’m taking these steps.


  • If you see something that you would like action taken against, you follow this procedure.
    • Take a screenshot.
      • Include the entire chat window and all context.
    • Send me the screenshot.
      • Preferably with some small description of what about the screenshot you find issue with.
    • Then I’ll take action.
  • If you don’t follow this procedure, nothing will be done.


Alternatively, if I’m right there, just DM me and refer to the message. The screenshot isn’t necessary if I’m present.


If you’re made uncomfortable, and don’t tell anyone, nobody will know, and nothing will be done. Gotta say something. If you’re not comfortable speaking to me for whatever reason, speak to someone else. Just tell somebody. If nobody says anything, I’m going to assume everything is fine, and do nothing.


Additionally, you don’t get to complain about the state of chat if you don’t tell me how it could be improved. All suggestions are valid, and I’ll consider every bit of feedback I’m given. But don’t just complain or ‘comment’ in a complaining way without telling me what’s wrong.


Additionally! And there’s the important bit. The role of Moderators has changed. They now have exactly these responsibilities and authorities, and no more.


  • In the absence of Bucky, a moderator may,
  • If an individual is clearly, without any shadow of a doubt, breaking rules repeatedly, and immediate action needs to be taken, the moderator may take it.
    • This includes disabling user accounts, removing harmful links, and telling people to stop doing whatever action they’re doing that offends people.
    • This is not referring to edge cases, judgment calls, or any situation in which there might be disagreement over what the appropriate action is.
    • This is to prevent people from going on cursing sprees and the like while I’m asleep.
  • A moderator may not delete a message without first taking a screenshot and sending it to me.

SoL Playlist Project: Second Annual Version

One year ago today, I asked you for your playlists. The time has come once again. Once more, I call to you, friends, to share with me your music. Create a playlist, on either youtube or soundcloud, with all of your favorite songs, and share it here. Again, bonus points will be awarded for clever playlist names.

Additionally, if you’d like to type a bit about what you enjoy in music, what parts of your songs you enjoy the most, that’d be neat.

And furthermore, if you participated in the last version, talk about how your taste has changed or refined over the past year. Have you found yourself removing things from your list? Have your standards dropped?

Here’s my playlist. Use this link to share yours in the comments.


Diplomacy: Game Two: The End

This is the last post in the Diplomacy: Game Two series. In it, I announce the victors, and tell you what’s planned for our next game.

Turkey is winner. Congratulation to Turkey, for crushing your enemies though wit and silver tongue and strategical brilliance and all that. Whee. Here’s the final map, in which you can see Turkey’s overwhelming advantage.


You can see, they control 12 supply centers, and would have gone up to 14 or more on the next turn. Technically, the majority required to win is 18, but since everyone else surrendered, the game has ended early.

In addition to the technical winning of the game, I also have a few more awards to hand out.

First, to France, for being the only country to correctly submit moves throughout the entirety of the game! Congratulations! Plural! You managed to not only get all of your moves in on time, to the correct address, but you also used correct formatting, and included a compliment in each one! You are the ideal player! I didn’t have to chase you down, or correct your syntax, or guess what you meant, or anything. Congratulations.

Additionally, I have an award here, not for Austria, but for Will, specifically. For holding out until the bitter end. Call him a troll, call his cause hopeless, and his country lost, but Will stuck around until the very end. He even submitted a move for the turn that will never come. Here’s to tenacity, and all that.

This game started with this post, on October 15th, 2015. Turkey conquered the world in exactly 80 days. Or six  years, if you use the system of turns thing, there.

But such concludes Diplomacy. I think someone probably had fun. Probably. Anyway, the next thing we’re doing is Neptune’s Pride. That’s a link, go click it, and look at the game. It’s sort of like Diplomacy, but real time, and in space. The game supports up to 32 players, so everyone who would like to play, can. They’ve got some instructional and introductory videos on their site, so have a look at those, and PM me if you want to play. The game will start sometime Soon™.


Pass the word about Neptune’s Pride around, perhaps some of your friends would like to get in on it, I don’t know. That’s the end of this post. Hope someone had fun.


Diplomacy: Game Two: Keyhole Turtleneck: Pog Champ

Turkey is accepting surrenders. Read on.

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