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Game Night: Magicka

Hey all,

I’ve scheduled a game night for Magicka at 6 PM central/7 PM eastern this Thursday. Here’s the link to the event on steam:


Undertale: You should play it.



You’ve played RPGs before haven’t you? Have you ever been fighting a boss, only to realize it’s a “supposed to lose” fight? Y’know, one of those fights only there to emphasize how strong the opponent is and how hopeless your efforts are, and how much you have to grow to defeat him. Or, have you ever defeated a boss, only to have him stand up like nothing happened and declare “YOU’RE STRONGER THAN I THOUGHT, UNTIL WE MEET AGAIN, HERO!” then proceed to fly off into the distance? What if when you kill a boss, they actually stay dead? What would it look like if your choices actually mattered? That is one of the many questions Undertale seeks to answer.

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I’m new here

My name is Hatch, you may have seen me around before, decided to officially join the SoL.

…So what’s up?

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