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There’s a pretty cool new game called Trove. You’ve probably played it. It’s quite fun. I’m back for one post. I’m out.


Well, what’s happened here?

Looks like a lot’s changed since I’ve been out – for over six months now. Well, the return of OliBoy1263 (aka SirComputer)┬áis back, with more doge-fighting Luigi death stares than ever. Hopefully I’ll stay active for a while. And now we interrupt you for a short commercial break.


I’ve been wittering on about it a lot, I know, but this will be one of my last before release. ;)

I’ve been working with ShermanTheMythran/maestro35 on a project to make a wiki to hold LEGO fanfiction new and old. We started out from two little wikis (LU Stories and Ninjago Stories), then found out about Brickimedia on the LEGO Message Boards Wiki. I believe I was the one who suggested in a comment about LU Stories and Ninjago Stories merging into one big LEGO stories wiki going on to Brickimedia. And now we’re here, with Brickipedia, their customs wiki and the LEGO CUUSOO Wiki on one big server. They’re great wikis.

LEGO Stories Wiki

We’re in open beta now, so come and have a look around. We’re mainly imported, and you can check the status of the other wikis’ status on Meta (on the wiki dropdown (the LSW logo) it’s classified as Brickimedia). I’ve got nothing left to say now, but,

HAPPY NEW YEAR! (And I’m going to get more active. Promise!)

SoL News: Issue 1

I made it out of boredom. Tell me what you think. This isn’t finished in any way, I just wanted to get a prototype out for today. Sorry I didn’t get round to typing up an article for your blogs, Naut, I JUST NEEDED TO GET THIS OUT, K? I’m planning to do releases on Tuesdays – should I change that? I’ll stop typing now and let you read. (PS: I’m back from a long and noticeable inactivity.)

SoLN News Issue 1

Still Alive

I’m still here. Not dead at all. If you want to get an insight into why I’ve not been so active, take a look at and

Oh, I forgot – the second link is only open for BETA TESTERS. You can still get a sneak peek by going there though.


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