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And the results are in!

The SoL Gift Exchange has been completed. I put everyone who joined in on a digital names out of a hat list, and these were the results. The arrow points to who the person will be buying for.

Draco => Barcha
Hov => Draco
Sushi => Sharky
Barcha => Sushi
Sharky => Hov

Remember, we have a 20 dollar limit. It’s assumed that all gifts will be given digitally, but if someone wants to set something up and both the people involved approve, then I will not stop you.

Merry Christmas, all. If someone does not follow up, let me know and I’ll get the enforcer on them.


Swords of Light Gift Exchange

Hello Solmates. Tis the season to be jolly, and give gifts. The past couple of Christmases we’ve done a “Draw names from a hat, buy the person you drew a gift” deal, and I’m making this post for those interested in doing it again.

The rules are simple. Comment in this post saying your interested, then I will make another post later saying who got who. Then we give our gifts on the 25th-31st. To avoid massive salt and potential marriage proposals, please keep it to $20.00 and under. If you want to give a more expensive gift, feel free to outside of this program.

If you have any questions, ask below. All participants must sign up by the 21st.

Merry Christmas, friends!
~Draco Claus

Knowledge (Design) Check #3: Failure in games

Hello and welcome back to Knowledge (Design) Check. Today’s topic came to me in a dream. A daydream. A daydream that probably took up time I could have spent being productive. So you better be grateful for this.

defeat Read the rest of this entry

Knowledge (Design) Check #2: Exploration in games

Hello and welcome back to Knowledge (Design) Check. Today we’ll be looking at exploration in games. Sorry I missed last week, I decided at the very end of the post I was writing that I was not doing the subject I had chosen justice, and decided to change. I then didn’t have the chance to rewrite it, so we’ll just count last week as a loss.Exploration


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Knowledge (Design) Check #1: Balancing the Jack of All Trades

Hello, and welcome to a new weekly post series of mine. This series will mostly be talking about game design, but a lot of what I plan to talk about will also be applicable to mother forms of media, like world building. I’ll be making game design posts on all types of game design, but you will likely see me talk most about tabletop RPGs most, since those are the games I find most interesting. But enough of that, onto the post! Read the rest of this entry

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