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SoL-IQ (SoLaboratory)


So I was thinking about that SoLaboratory thing about a week ago and decided why not do a similar thing except for your IQ level. I then went and searched for a free and easy to access online iq test and found: I took the test which is relativity short and got a score of 168 and a certificate.

Now here’s what this is about I invite all SoL members to go to the website and take the quiz. Comment your score below and I’ll make a line graph showing where everyone is. WARNING!!! The test does ask for your age and your score is to be taken with a few grains of salt as the test is very short and therefore one wrong question can sink your score.

Good Luck and have a good weekend and coming week.

P.S. Bucky This does not fall under any tag i could see so please don’t shame my cow or anything else

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