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Arthur Flemming & The Demon’s Budah. Part II: Interlude.

Arthur Flemming & The Demon’s Budah.

Part II: Interlude.

Well it appears as though we have a bit of time to kill. After a brief debate it was decided Jimmy should mop up his own piss, while Alex fetched the boy a fresh pair of pants. My flat was upstairs and there was talk of him borrowing a pair of slakes. I shot this down of course. I am not letting someone who pees themselves over a bit of fire, wear my tailored silk dress pants. So we have a bit of time while things sort themselves out. Also to those of you who are clever: Yes this is a story and I could just skip ahead. Unfortunately for you clever people an exposition dump is a good literary device for the lazy writer. It is also a wonderful tool to make sure everyone is on the same page. Not everyone can be as clever as you and pick up on details as they occur naturally. Some people require a bit of hand holding.

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Arthur Flemming & The Demon’s Buddha. Part I: The Beginning.

Arthur Flemming & The Demon’s Buddha

Part I: The Beginning

“Arthur, Alex is here to see you and he brought a friend.” Those words intruded upon my fugue state and forced me to open my eyes. Or at least I thought I opened them the world remained dark strange… Oh right. I pull the book I was reading off of my face and blink as my eyes adjust to the dim electric light. I crane my neck to see who has entered the room. I was in a very comfortable position and if I could I wanted to avoid getting up.

My chair was leaned back precariously and I was stretched out rather nicely. My oxford cut leather shoes (made by the finest cordwainer in the south of Sicily) were nestled firmly on a stack of case files. Unfortunately from where I was I could only see the tops of heads. It appeared as though I would have to get up. Scowling I swing my legs off the desk to see what Alex has brought me this time. As I do so I vow to set him on fire if it wasn’t something interesting. Actually I should let him know that was the case. “Alex is this isn’t something interesting I am going to set you on fire… again.”

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