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A Much-Needed Rest

Twas the night before Thursday, on Swords of Light chat

Not a creature was stirring, except Bucky Kat.

For Bucky did not like to sleep! It would seem,

That Bucky would rather browse Reddit than dream.


Big Cat and Small Cat were his loyal pets,

When he stayed awake they started to fret.

“Oh Bucky,” they cried. “You must go to sleep!”

“For if you do not, you’ll collapse in a heap!”


But Bucky ignored them, and continued to browse

Those subreddits full of cute piggies and cows.

So Big Cat and Small Cat came up with a scheme

So Bucky would not stay up browsing dank memes.


They snuck up one night as he stared at his screen

With eyes that had not closed since 2013.

Big Cat, the soft cat, sat on the keyboard,

While Small Cat, the cute cat, pulled out the cord.


The monitor instantly went blacker than night

And Bucky swiftly went out like a light.

So thanks to the actions of his kitty cat friends

The awful insomnia of Bucky Kat ends.


France Surrenders!


I doubt anyone’s surprised. This is France, after all. Although it is a bit undignified to surrender to Turkey of all places.

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