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Welcome, Arcanegunner!

grunt_birthday_partyFellow Swords, please join me in welcoming our newest member, Arcanegunner, to our ranks! Here’s to a long and productive relationship! *toasts*

~Ace out!


FFwA #6: Emperor

Northern Sun

Hello again fellow swords! I’m going to take a moment and shamelessly plug a thing I wrote before I move on to today’s fic. Don’t worry, Draco has read and approved, so that should tell you it’s safe. :P

I’m also going to include this thing, to explain the plot for anyone who hasn’t read the books. Spoilers, duh. :P Minor, censored, language.

Today’s fic is going to be a treat for people who liked Code Geass. Manipulative chessmasters! Political intrigue! War! Chaos! And more!


Today’s fic is a CR 3/10. Waking up next to another person is basically as descriptive as it gets. Otherwise, a bit of innuendo, a few off-color jokes, and that’s all. Blood and violence warnings apply. Lots of soldiers and war, so expect a few F-bombs in the fic.

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FFwA #5: NGE: Nobody Dies

Heeee~eeey, fellow Swords. I hope you enjoyed my fic last week, it was quite entertaining to write. I have no plans for a sequel at this time, you may rest easy. :P

This week, we aren’t going into the Potterverse! Imagine that! Instead, we go into the wonderful world of Neon Genesis Evangelion for NGE: Nobody Dies. If you like hot blood, depression, BAs, humor, and general epic, read on!



Non-explicit sexual shenanigans and innuendo, CR 3/10. Precision F-Strike warning for the fic.

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FFwA #4.2: A Very AU Day at Privet Drive

Fellow Swords, you thought that post yesterday was an April Fool’s joke. You were wrong. So very, very, wrong. And as you have sown, so shall you reap.

I wrote a one-shot using the following criteria.

  • Draco and Ace must find true love and get married.
  • Boba Fett must appear to be hunting one of the protagonists, only to be revealed to be hunting the antagonist.
  • Draco must present Boba Fett with a pair of leather pants.
  • During this presentation, Draco must use a Lenny.
  • Several background pairings, which are found in the previous post.


You have only yourselves to blame.


Innuendo and tight leather pants.

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FFwA #4: Interlude with Ace


The insanity is so beautiful, isn’t it?


Ladies and gentlemen, I have fought the madness for too long. I can do so no more. Fellow swords, I will be writing my own fanfic.

It will be set in the Harry Potter universe, of course, but aside from that, I don’t have too much. I need ideas! Give me your plot bunnies, your settings, your favorite characters yearning to be shipped! Anything! Everything!


~Ace out!

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