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Hello, and welcome to the Swords of Light! We are a group of cool internet peoples (ignore the oxymoron there) who have created a blog for your enjoyment. Over the years, however, our blog has grown far beyond our original foundation of gaming. We have Whovians, anime enthusiasts, role players, and many others who come here to talk about their interests, write stories, make videos, and other such fun stuff. If you are into anything pop culture related, or are just a friendly gamer guy or gal, this is the place for you! Feel free to head on over to our Join page to get yourself set up with an account here, and then be sure to stop by our Chatroom, conveniently linked over there to your right, and introduce yourself! If you have any other questions, our FAQ page is just what you need.

Or, alternatively:

Greetings, traveler!

We are the Swords of Light, warriors who give illumination where none is needed, gathered with our like-minded brethren to laugh, sing, and game whenever we wish to.

What does it take to be one of us?  Well, beyond a WordPress account (see Join page), not much.  However, you’ll find we have a… peculiar sense of humor.  I would highly recommend browsing the blog and reading some of the things we’ve written, keeping in mind that none of us are full-time bloggers or world-class authors.  If any of it actually makes you laugh, please consider joining us.  We are always looking to grow, whether it be someone new to game with or new content to read on the blog.  We also have a few standards, mainly that of cleanliness of speech.  This blog is meant to be family-friendly, which means nothing gets posted here that you wouldn’t mind your parents reading.

If you find that my description is lacking, you can do one of two things:  Jump in a river, or go into the Chatroom (link to the right).  There’s usually someone there who would love to answer any questions, though it’s usually more occupied in the evenings, due to LIFE.

I can’t wait to meet you in game or in the Chatroom!

Excelsior!… no .  Allonsy!… nope.  Adventure is waiting!… definitely not.  Hmmm…



Or, alternatively:

Welcome to the Swords of Light, recruit!

You have either been invited by one of us, or found the site through random searching-throughs of the internet. We are a gaming guild that plays League of Legends, Minecraft, Warframe, and several other games. In addition to gaming, we have many weekly attractions on the blog, such as the Question of the Week, Is it Any Good?, Anime with Ace, and Dear Oxy. In Chat, you can often find at least a few of us milling about, discussing games, anime, or roleplay, or maybe just discussing life in general.

If you aren’t sold yet, a list of things that can and probably will be discussed is as following, to the best of my memory. Games, Anime, My Little Pony, making fun of the assisting the Lego Message Boards, fencing, debate, philosophy, attempts at humor, massively complex multi-writer stories/RPs, soul eating, soul stealing, soul eradicating, justice, JUSTICE!!!!, maniacal laughter, and random shipping of people with no warning.

Now get in Chat!

~Brought to you by Sparrowhawk, the intelligent and amazingly handsome historian and impromptu scribe of the Swords of Light

If you’d like to submit your own version of this page, comment below.

  1. heres an idea for a chance.

    We are a team progressing fast enough to be noticed, and we are lead by four leaders:Hovawart, Meedled, BuckyKat, and Legofan613. we have a tower in progress, blah blah blah, you get the idea?

  2. You guys like it?

  3. I’m confused… Type what up?
    Also, just a suggestion, maybe we should have a page with the monthly contests, and we would post what the contests are, the winners, stuff like that. I’ll post it as soon as I get a yes.

    • Seems good to me. Meedled might do it though, as he is the Unofficial Offical Contest Manager.

      But yeah, go ahead.


    • I’ve deleted all of your “Lord of the Rings LEGO is coming out” posts besides this one. Stop cluttering this site up with spam.

      • Draco, Y U SO TROLLY? Srsly, you made like 15 identical comments, nawt kewl.
        And good of you LF, for deleting dem.


  5. Hwy, it was not me it was black axe see? I my be a troll but I’m not a spamer. :P

  6. guesto1/OliBoy1263

    Guys now I am a member (look at jammers I gave to Hov in SoL LMB, I give you permission) can you set me up here please? :P

  7. o.o BuckyKat! Its me! Grub Ghost Hamster!!! o.o

  8. lieutenantlafayette

    Should this page be changed to reflect recent developments?

  9. Typo. Realm or (should be of) the Mad God

  10. Updated to add Civilization V, Team Fortress 2, and League of Legends to example games that we play.


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