Tales of Galifan #11


The crash site of the S.S. Screw You.

Escape from Dormis

[Author’s Note: I will post episodes of Tales of Galifan and Cyan Man on alternating weeks.]

Year: 30X6

Location: Dormis Nature Preserve

Weather: Humid


Gunfire is being exchanged back and forth inside the S.S. Screw you. Galifan and Lucy against the security drones of Dormis. With each wave, they would gun down every single machine. The Armory was just down the hall, once there they’d have all the guns they needed to defend the ship until it’s ready to take off.

“Galifan! I’m out of ammo!” Lucy un-slung her rifle from her shoulder and held it like a melee weapon.

“It’s okay, I’ll cover you. The armory is right ahead of us.” Galifan holds his Grade-A Pulse Revolver in front of him and takes point. He turns the corner and walks past the armory, he pushes a crate near the door to be a barricade. “Lucy, I’ll move up and protect you while you get the armory open. The password chain is 4614, red, pecan tutu shnippershnapper, Opal. Try to remember that.”

Galifan then took a forward position to watch for more drones. Lucy accessed the terminal, power had just been restored. She went through all the prompts to get the armory door opened. As she put in the first password she heard the drones coming, she looks out from behind the barricade to see Galifan begin to shoot them. She had to get inside quick, she knew Galifan could only shoot six times before having to recharge his gun.

“Opal. I’m in!” The door shwoops open and she runs inside, she needed to grab a weapon quick! With some effort she’s able to pull two guns free from their secure holdings. These guns were already loaded with one clip each, so she ran back out and immediately started firing the assault rifle she grabbed at the drones. Galifan had just ran out of shots and Lucy had come just in time, she tosses the other gun to Galifan, a pump shotgun.

“Thanks, Luce. We should have enough ammo to keep the ship robot-free. We just gotta stay alert.” Galifan placed his Grade-A Pulse Revolver into its holster and pumped his shotgun, Lucy nodded and went back into the armory to grab more guns and ammo.


Phil and Pepper could hear the gunfire echoing through the ship as they were hard at work fixing the ship.

“ALL OUTSIDE HULL REPAIRS HAVE ALREADY BEEN COMPLETED BY ME. WE ONLY NEED TO FIX THING IN THE INTERIOR NOW.” Phil hovered down a hall and came to a junction where a crucial power cable was, it was broken. They needed to fix this to connect the rest of the ship’s power grid. “PASS ME WHAT I NEED TO FIX THIS, I MUST DO THIS MYSELF. MY SUIT IS INSULATED SO I WON’T BE SHOCKED ONCE I RECONNECT THE GRID.”

Pepper nodded and passed the materials down to fill to make the patch. Once it was fixed, lights came back on everywhere. Phil ascended from the compartment and places the grill back on. The cover to the compartment locks in now that power is restored.

“What’s next, Phil?”

“LIFE SUPPORT.” Phil led the way to the life support chamber. Phil began running diagnostics and Pepper was allowed to rest. She still heard Lucy and Galifan fighting, and it reminded her that she had unintionally cock-blocked Phil. She wanted to get it off her chest now.

“Phil? I’m sorry.”

“WHAT ARE YOU APOLOGIZING FOR?” The first mate inquired.

“Well, Lucy and Galifan used to be together. Lucy was originally going to steal our ship once you finished fixing it, and leave us all here, until I told her Galifan might still care for her… I think I’ve pushed them back into each other’s arms. I’m sorry Phil, I know you love Galifan. I don’t think anything can be done about it now.”


Inside the suit, Pepper could hear muted crying echoing inside. She came up to the alien in the armored suit and hugged him. Even though he couldn’t feel the hug she still did it. “It’s okay, Phil. He’s still your friend, and I’m still your friend. There are plenty of fish in the sea, they say.”


“Not literal fish! I mean, individuals to have romantic relationships with. There are like, a googleplex of people in the universe! I’m sure you’ll find the one for you.” Pepper tried to comfort the alien.



Hours have passed and hundred of drones have been destroyed by Galifan and Lucy, they had burned through a lot of ammunition and had only taken minor injuries. Lucy fires at another wave of drones,”DAMNIT! How many of these things are they gonna send?!”



“Great job you two! Come on Lucy!” Galifan blasted some drones and the pair moved on to secure the rest of the ship. They would finish off the rest of the drones inside and close all the entrances to the ship. “Phil. Let’s take off!”


The engines of the S.S. Screw you whirred and rumbled as the ship began to rise up from the ground. Galifan and Lucy would stumble through the hallways as the inertial dampeners hadn’t been turned back on yet, the force of the ship moving caused them to lose balance. They both hugged the walls and held on to railings and the hands of one another.

They were almost back to the bridge, passing the first drones they had destroyed. When Lucy stepped over one though it turned out to still be active! It lifted a mechanical limb and drove it’s spiked appendage into the girl’s calf muscle.

“AaaughHH!!” Lucy falls down and looks back to see the still living drone, she was in immense pain and if she tried to move her leg, the drone would rip it apart. “Ahh! Ga-Galifan! Unnnngh!”

Galifan turned back and bashed the drone with the butt of his weapon, smashing it’s computer brain. He then kneels down to help her. “Lucy! Fuck!”

“Galiiii!… It hurts so much!” Lucy cried and began to┬ávomit. She was trembling from the pain of the metal spiked through her leg. The ship had started moving in another direction causing the drone to slide, “AHHHHH!”

“Lucy!” Galifan leaps over to grab to drone’s husk to stop it from sliding away. Lucille was losing a lot of blood. The spike had torn further down her leg. “Lucy I’m gonna pull it out.”

“W-w-wait! Please! AAAAAAAHHHHHH!!!” He did not wait, Galifan quickly pulled the spike out of Lucy’s leg and threw the drone away. Lucy passed out from the pain. Galifan looks her over, she’s still alive, just unconscious. He needed to get her to the medbay, if it was operational.

“Come on Lucy, up ya go.” Galifan lifts Lucy up and carries her bridal style. Blood was getting all over him as he carried her to the Medbay. “Just hold on.”

The ship leaves the atmosphere of Dormis and begins a course to get out of the system. Meanwhile Galifan rushes to the Medical Bay to save Lucy.

-To Be Continued.


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