Cyan Man


Markam Eta, Rahn sub-race Yan-Rahn,  Sagittarius.

Neon Street Celebrity


Author’s Notes: I am writing this to take the place of Tales of Galifan, as at the time I don’t have the inspiration to write another episode. Each week will either have a Story about Galifan or some other story I choose to write. I will continue to post my stories on Fridays, you may just have to wait extra weeks to find out about your favorite characters.


Year: 30X1

Location: Geis

Weather: Clear skies

It was night time on the lush planet of Geis, but it was lively as ever tonight! Every Rahn on Neon Street was dressed in their hottest outfits and waiting to see and hear their favorite celebrities. Neon Street was the pop culture hub of the planet, named for the colorful lights that illuminate it at night. Tonight was the series finale of a wildly successful dramedy, “Squished Together!” and the young Rahn cast members would be attended a happenin’ party here on Neon Street and doing interviews.

3 year old Markam Eta had been on the show since he finished his basic education. He enjoyed his time on the show but it had to come to an end. He would miss all of his cast members and friends, wherever they all decided to go. Right now one of his Cast members, a busty Loo-Rahn named Yaya, was being interviewed, she was a fan favorite and fans were sad they wouldn’t see her as her character Mitzi anymore, but she announced that she was going to continue her career as an actress and was already hired for an action-romance movie, the crowd was extremely pleased and cheered wildly for the Idol.

Markam had his hands in his jacket pockets and looking down at the ground, he was next to be interviewed and he had no idea what he was going to say. Before he had a chance to think more, Yaya bounced past him and placed her hand on his shoulder, “Your up Marky! *smooch* Go get ’em!”

“Uhh, Thanks!” The Yan-Rahn stumbled to the seat to speak with the smoking hot reporter, Mali Canza. She wore a very appealing outfit that showed off her curves and cleavage. Markam was a little nervous but the interview began.

“Hiya, Markam! How were thing in your 4 seasons on Squished Together!?” She held the microphone to Markam and he cleared his throat.

“Well, it was pretty great, sometimes it was a little stressful in the beginning, but I got to meet a lot of good Rahn. The Rahn I met made the experience for me. I’m thankful to all the cast and crew for the past 2 years.”

“Aw how sweet, what’s next on Markam Eta’s agenda? Are you gonna be an actor still? Maybe a model?! You could totally be a model!”

“Aww, stop, you’re making me blush, I’m becoming a Ro-Rahn!” Markam blushed and laughed and the audience woo’d at him and whistled. “Honestly though… I don’t really know where I’m going. I don’t think I want to be an actor anymore.”

“Aww, that’s too bad, well you have fan support in whatever you choose to do! Thank you for the interview!”

“Yeah. I’m gonna get going, bye everyone!”


It was another day and Markam was standing outside his apartment by his motor-bike. He wore his usual riding gear and looked bored. The Yan-Rahn sighed, “What the hell am I gonna do. I need some sort of career… nothing sounds appealing though.”

He decides to get on his bike and ride around the city.


He loved to ride his bike and go fast. The maneuverability of the bike was much more preferable to him than the larger vehicles available. His bike was a Sorvesky T-250, one of the best bikes you could get.

Markam rode down the street by the lake-side, he could look to the right to see the dazzling blue waters of lake Dolce, one of the many lakes that dotted the lush jungle planet. Rahn Civilization had inherited its cities from a race that used to live here eons ago, the Rahn moved out from the jungles and made the cities their own. The cities were very eco-friendly and weren’t too numerous to where they could harm the environment. Markam had lived his whole life on this planet, in the same city. It was all very beautiful, but he yearned to see more… he just wasn’t sure how he could achieve such a wish.

His pleasant ride was interrupted by an emergency broadcast.

[Citizens! Please stay in your homes or make way to a shelter! A terrorist attack is incoming! If you’re in the Lake Dolce area, evacuate immediately!]

“Shit!” Markam looked up to see a ship flying over the lake, heading right in his direction. Markam revved his engine and began to drive. He needed to get out of here! He rode at top speed but eventually the ship passed over him and changed direction, shortly after a series of explosions boomed. Shock waves were felt many blocks away, Markam knew it was dangerous but he had to find out what was going on. He turned his bike and rode toward were the explosion was.

There was screaming everywhere, Rahn had been killed, some seriously injured. Markam saw a purple Rahn without a lower half, his vital fluids flowing out of him. It was a horrible scene, the ship had crashed into a building and collapsed the roof of an underground highway tunnel. Markam couldn’t comprehend how many casualties there were. He got off his bike and walked closer to the wreckage. Another ship had come to drop off Rangers to secure the area and evacuate civilians. One pointed at Markam and announced for him to leave. Behind Markam though he heard the creaking of metal and rattling of steel plates. He turned and looked up to see the building that had been crashed into was toppling over!

“Oh shit!” Markam was scared shitless and held his head, he needed to escape, but could he? It seemed to be falling to fast!

“BRACE YOURSELF!” A voice called out before Markam was hit with a powerful punch that sent him flying across the street and into a wall. His body allowed him to take the impact without serious damage, he was just dazed. He looked up to see who punched him, a Ranger in Blue, He stood were Markam had stood. He only saw him for one more moment though before the building crashed on top of him. His fluids splurted out onto the street and around the wreckage of the building. Bits of vital fluid and landed on Markam’s clothes, he just looked on in horror… He touched his chest and felt the gel that used to be inside the Ranger that saved him.


-To be continued…


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