Tales of Galifan #9


Interior of The Gaping Chasm


Year: 30X6

Location: Surface of Dormis

Weather: Humid

“Where am I?” Pepper mumbled as she began to wake, the last thing she remembered was having thighs wrapped around her neck. “Captain?!”

She looked around for Galifan, last she saw he was on the floor. She now saw him hanging  upside-down from the ceiling in his boxers. “Captain?”

Pepper was then met with a kick in the solar plexis, causing her to fall over and gasp for air. She had no chance to see her attacker before being pulled back onto her feet and thrown out of the room. She was now in what seemed to be the front of the ship where the cockpit was, there was red all over the place. Was this blood? Pepper gasped as she realizes, This is where Lucy Lucibelle died!

A mop slaps down in front of her, the voice of a woman speaks, “Get up! You’re a slave right? Clean up this spaghetti!”

“Huh?” Spaghetti? Pepper looks around to see an overturned pot of tomato sauce on the floor, she also sees cooked spaghetti noodles laying around. She gets up and turns to see Lucy. “W-what? We thought you died? Blood was pouring out of the hole in your ship…”

“I was cooking spaghetti before I tried to attack your ship, when you rammed into me everything got knocked over. I was fine though, I knew Galifan would catch me so I hid in that sealed chamber over there.” Lucy points to a secure chamber that she was in while her ship’s hull was breached and crashed to the planet. “Come on! I told you to clean this up, bitch!”

“WAAH! Sorry!” Pepper immediately gets to mopping up the mess. “Wait, why do you want this cleaned, your ship is really badly damaged! Surely this mess doesn’t matter since you can’t fly it anymore.”

“Shut up!” Lucy bonks Pepper on the head. “I only have enough chord to tie up Gali, so I’m making you do work while I gather my stuff!”

Lucille was packing up all her valuables, including the stolen tomato bouillon. She was now dressed in short-shorts, a bikini top, white fur coat, and boots. She was carrying a large duffel bag and an automatic rifle over her shoulder. Lucy sighed, “I don’t really know what I’m gonna do now. Wait, where’s the robot?”

“He’s not a robot.” Pepper says while mopping. She’s immediately noogied by Lucy. “WaahH!!! He’s coming over to take parts from your ship to fix ours! Waah! Ahh!”

“Is he then? Hmm. Fuck. Okay, I’ll let him fix your ship then… maybe I can steal it.”

“You’re just gonna leave us here?”

“You guys are gonna turn me in to the police!”

“Galifan said he could just get a copy of your ID and birth certificate to clear his pedophilia crime.” Pepper explained Galifan’s plan that he discussed.

“Hehh? Bullshit, he wants to turn in my bounty! I’m sure!”

“No! It’s not true! I’ve seen the look on his face, he was crushed when he thought you were dead! He was in tears, I think he still cares for you.” Pepper tried to convince Lucy not to steal their ship, Pepper believed Galifan may still love Lucy, though she wasn’t sure. But then telling her this… oh no, what if she creates a love triangle! Poor Phil would be crushed if Lucy got back with Galifan! “I mean, he probably was remembering all the good times you had.”

Lucy thought seriously for a bit, tapping her boot on the floor. “Fine, I’ll get talk to him. Keep mopping!”

Lucy left Pepper in the cockpit and walked back to where Galifan was hanging. She slapped his face lightly trying to wake him up. “Gali.”

“Ugh… my head hurts.” The pirate started waking up.

“Yeah, I hit you with a pipe.”

Galifan opened his eyes and was surprised, “Lucy?! I thought-”

“That was just spaghetti sauce.”

“Spaghetti sauce…” Galifan mumbled, “Where are my clothes? Why am I in my underwear?”

Lucy laughs and pokes Galifan’s belly. “It’s on the floor, I just needed to remove all your weapons because I didn’t want you to fight me. Galifan… please don’t turn me in to the police.”

Galifan sighs, “Are you going to torture me to get your way?”

“Mayyybe a little… you’d like it if I tortured you though! Naughty boy!” Lucy giggled and placed her hand on Galifan’s face. She blushed looking at him this close again after 3 years separated. “So…”

“Yeah. I’m not gonna turn you in, if I can send a pic to the authorities it’ll be all I need.” Galifan reassured her that he wasn’t gonna turn her in. “Can you let me down?”

“Yes.” Lucy leaned in and kissed Galifan sensually for a few seconds. “Wow, it was as good as I remembered!”


Phil would repair the SS Screw You and Lucy let Galifan get dressed. The hours following the encounter were spent traveling back and forth between the two crashsites, transferring materials and goods to the more healthy ship. Lucy now had all of her stuff moved onto Galifan’s ship.

Lucy was loitering around the bridge looking at everything, “Your ship is rockin’ Gali.”

Suddenly, Phil comes hovering into the ship screaming, he was covered in blast marks. “SOMETHING IS OUTSIDE, IT ATTACKED ME.”

“Oh yeah…” Lucy remembered now that this planet was a nature preserve, and trespassers were put to death. The security system had found them.

-To Be Continued…


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