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Tales of Galifan #8


The Jungles of  Dormis


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Lego Universe Forum Closing

So, hey guys, remember me? Recently, it was announced that the Lego Universe Subforum is closing. And with that all content of the subforum that was not active at the time of the announcement will be deleted or will not be public. And that includes all of LURP.

I thought some of you might be interested in preserving it. There’s another user whose father made a programme that allows you to download whole threads. However, as I was only one of the latest people to join LURP, I do not necessarily know all of the good topics that there were, so if there is something you would like preserved, tell me, so that I tell that other user. After the subforum closes on the 10th of June, I shall post here the link to the archive, if you so wish.

The Eternal Codex, The Wizard Order City of the Sun and Nexus Force HQ II have already been included in the list.

If there was any other topic (a story perhaps) that you would like preserved, tell me that, too.

I think that’s all.

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