Musical Mondays With Will: Introduction



Welcome to a new segment for the blog: Musical Mondays With Will! Obviously, this first introduction post is on a Sunday, but you can expect every consecutive post to be every Monday, posted at whatever time of day I have a free minute. The way this works is as follows: Everyone picks up to two songs, and links them down below. You then get a total of three votes, at least one of which must be used on a song not of your own choosing. Any song, any genre, anything you want. The only thing I ask is that no music videos are linked with graphic violence. The song with the most votes becomes the official SoL theme song for that week! (All voting ends Saturday each week) In case it wasn’t clear, this type of post is going to need a decent amount of participation to be any fun, so I hope you enjoy! My nominations are linked below. Get to it!





About Will Cashien

Hello there! My name's Will Cashien, and I'm the second in command of the Paladin's division here at SoL. I play quite a few games, including League of Legends, MineCraft, and Civilization 2, 3, and 5. If any of you have a Steam account, my username is Paladinirving, feel free to add me. I also enjoy reading, writing, watching Doctor Who, and devouring souls. Hope to see you around!

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  1. Nice post, Wheel! I anticipate adding much more music to the large list I regularly cycle through.

    My entries are as follow:

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