The McB0rch4 Biweekly Recomendation #3: Jyu Oh Sei

Format: Anime

Status: Complete

Length: 11 Episodes

Synopsis:  In the distant future, much of mankind lives in space colonies orbiting a distant star.  The people live in prosperity and peace, their criminals and misfits banished to the utterly untamed planet, Chimera.  The story follows Thor and his brother, Rai,  after they crash on Chimera.

What I think:  I really had to skimp on the synopsis because it’s very short, and they make sure to get the absolute most out of every second.  It’s a very solid Science Fiction piece.  It does a very good job of establishing the characters and world.  Chimera itself is an absolute hell of a world, with carnivorous (and mobile) plants the size of elephants, and an even more terrifying human population.


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  1. Best intro ever.

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