League of Legends Update 1/8


UPDATE 1/8 by DeadyThePanda


Hello all! I’m posting this since I didn’t want Bucky to have to experience the agony of having two questions of the week next to each other :P

Basic Information and Stuff:

So, there is not much new to discuss. Snowdown has ended, so the Showdown gamemode is no longer available. You should check out the unforgiven
movie poster fan arts, those are pretty cool: http://na.leagueoflegends.com/en/media/art/yasuo-fan-art

For Free Champion Rotation and Skin Sale, Click the button below!

Free Champion Rotation:


This weeks free champions are Amumu, Blitzcrank, Fiddlesticks, Jax, Malzahar, Brand, Shyvana, Zyra, Lucian, and Jinx.

Amumu is commonly jungle or top lane, as he has good engage.

Blitzcrank is generally support, but sending him mid may be a good idea. Note by D: the Midcrank thing is actually real. I have yet to try it yet though.

Fiddlesticks can be played mid, support or jungle. He is very pokey.

Jax is a nice all around character. He is a fighter with nice gap closing abilities. Note by D: Mostly played top, sometimes jungle.

Malzahar is a mage, who is very annoying to play against. He generally goes mid.

Brand is an AP nuker who specializes in poking your hp down. He goes mid. A silence or stun cast on him will ruin his combo, and make him ineffective.

Shyvana is just pure tank. She is mid, top, or jungle, due to the cc her w gives her. Note by D: She isn’t always built pure tank, and she is one of the top tier junglers. She is mostly played top and jungle.

Zyra is a supporty mage kinda person. She can be played either way. Note by D: She’s played as a Support. A really good one too. Lots of short term turret like things and knock ups.

Lucian is an ADC who (to my knowledge) goes bot. Note by D: His ult is a drive by.

Jinx is a very damaging ADC who goes bot or mid. it is a good idea to kill her before she kills you if she is fed.

Champion and Skin  Sale( 1/7 to1/10)


This “week’s” Champions for sale are Nami, Ezreal, and Malphite.

Nami now costs 487 RP, Ezreal costs 440 RP, and Malphite a mere 292 RP.

This “week’s” Skins for sale are Panda Teemo, Piltover Customs Blitzcrank, and Vandal Brand.

Panda Teemo now costs 487 RP, Piltover Customs Blitzcrank costs 675 RP, and Vandal Brand costs 260 RP.

This has been your League of Legends Update, brought to you by the Panda. (DeadyThePanda, not Panda Teemo)

Thank you for reading! And remember, don’t feed!


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  1. aceofshadows214

    Nice post Deady, however, a few notes.

    Jax is fairly easy to shut down early when laning vs. champs that deny farm or have strong early games, but lategame or if fed, he is absolutely horrifying. One of the champions I least like to see fed. Even when slightly behind he can still DPS you down with ease. He also is one of the fastest turret killers in the game.

    Shyvana goes top or jungle because of her tankiness, yet surprising amount of damage, as well as her very fast waveclear and jungle clears. She has almost no CC except for a minor knockback on her ultimate, although her W gives her great escapes and chases.

    AP Blitzcrank is usually classed as not as good as the support build, however, it can work if fed. Myroluth, a friend of mine, got fed as blitz the other day, and straight-up outdueled their Fizz. It was hilarious.

    Lucian does indeed go bot. He’s currently in favor in some team comps due to his strong sieging potential.

    Jinx goes bot only, and is horrifying to deal with when fed, as well as being a strong duelist. This is due to one of the largest AS steroids in the game when her ‘Pow-Pow The Minigun’ stacks are full. Is super OP when paired with Blitz. Blitz combo into her snares behind the enemy, into her W, and into her ult if need be. You ain’t walking away from that.

    All in all, a very nice post, congratulations!

  2. Hey, nice post. I took some liberty in fixing a few typos and centering the League of Legends things, and I added a few notes about the champions. Feel free to remove them. I agree with Ace on everything he said there as well.

    • Hey, I’ll have you know I was just going off what I’ve seen done in gameplay. Also, if you guys do have any insights, feel free to go in, add it, as long as you note that you typed that part. also, if you do edit it, feel free to put edited by under Update

  3. Will Cashien

    So I read the first bit about you making this post as a filler in between the questions of the week, and I was like “this is going to be totally useless, isn’t it?” But it’s not. Good post XD

    Note: I had an idea whilst reading this post. We could start a SoL LoL archive, maybe. Basically, people could post tips, and stuff on there, so eventually we’d have our own LoL gameguide thing. So, I could ask “I just ran into a fiddlestix in _____situation. What do you do against him?” And someone would answer, and then that would still be here on the archive when someone else wants to know. And if someone knows how to jungle well, or wants to write up a thing on shenanigans tactics, theu could put it there. Idk, just a random thought.

  4. Edited for minor Grammar Nazi-ism.

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