August 4th Update and Other Things


Your favorite extremely AWESOME panda, Deady, is back with his new weekly photo and news! As will soon become common, all updates will come on sundays. If I miss one, well, wait a day :P

We now have our OWN Roleplay Forums set up, and Official!

Hovawart… Lets hope he can return. Perhaps we can try a new chatroom ip? Then send it to him via Steam? Post it on the forums? I dunno.

Its so Sad! Whaaaa!


Somebodys B-day is soon(Guess who?)

Lots of Returns for Fun.


Its late, so I did myself.

Faze:Fus Picture

EDIT BY BUCKY: I removed the filler. Keep it clean and concise.

The other person is a good friend, FazeOfKnight1.


About exoforceliam

Hello! I am full rank 3 in assembly (level 38).

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  1. turboknight23

    I wanna Try! qwertyuiopasdfghjklzxcvbnm Ooh! It does! :P Any how I will miss Hov, although we never chat. That last part sounded wrong. And yeah, those first pics are funny.

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