July 28th Update on well, stuff.

Hello! Today its time for another picture! We shall save that for the finale!

Anyhows, I just got back from qualifying rounds for swim team. I swam a 50 meter backstroke in 46 seconds, and a 50 meter freestyle in 41 seconds. Keep in mind, this is counting my swagtastic flip turns.

Cube World is still not mac compatible.* My B-day is coming up soon. I might get a PC :D Then I can become MLG pro.

We have an awesome lineup of movies coming out to close summer, like Wolverine! So, if you remember Todd Akin, prepare to lolz.


Derp Right?



So well done, RIGHT?


Alright. For realzies now.


Here we see our local do-good paladin, Draco309, fight the servants of some evil necromancer!


Yay for returns between whatever I say. It makes this post seem longer. It’s really only 182 some words long.

* BTW, just because others have cube world right now, you don’t have bragging rights as to I played first, blahblahblah. So don’t try and pull anything. Got it? :P


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Hello! I am full rank 3 in assembly (level 38).

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  1. I think I’ve seen mods that allow Cubeworld to run on macs, but I’ve not tested them, so keep that in mind.

    About the swimming, that’s pretty awesome.

    And about the *note, okay, I wouldn’t brag about that to you. By the way, I GOT IT FIRST! :P (JK)

  2. WillCashien

    1. Your swimming results? Congratz! :)
    2. Happy early birthday.
    3. Successful spam post is spam :P
    4. “In the picture, we see our self-declared hero, Draco the Newb, about to fall off a pig.” That would be a better title to the last pic :P

  3. I dunno how you misspelled Hovawart as necromancer. :P

  4. Hah. You guys had to wait for Wolverine. It came out here like two weeks before it was in the US (in CA, anyway, to my knowledge). So hah.

  5. turboknight23

    Why are you guys always hating on Draco? And ditto to the above post. :P And I can see through that skeleton’s guts! :P EeW! :P Draco does look like he is going to fall off a pig.

  6. turboknight23

    Oh I forgot, did you make that meme yourself?

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