Summer Challenge

The Challenge:

Since Most school years are ending, I would like to make a building challenge. on your SINGLE PLAYER WORLD, you must build three things, each will be rated. You must build an island(deserted; you may have signs of a castaway living on it;must have an ocean); A beach(must have an ocean); and lastly, you must build a maze, for the heck of it.

The Why?:

Island-As you know, many people read books over the summer; and a classic recurring theme is someone stranded on a deserted island. I thought this would be a nice project.

Beach- Summer is associated with fun on the beach. therefore, a Beach party scene  would be  interesting, to see your spin on it.

Maze- I dunno. Cuz mazes are fun, and they are what we do over summer to keep our brains sharp?

The Rules:

  • No World Edit is allowed.
  • Your buildings must fit in a 50×50 box with a 52×52 block perimeter.
  • All terrain must be hand placed
  • Dont try and pull something stupid. Please dont.

Well, Thats the rules. your submissions will be due by the end of the month.

As a tip, I recommend you just generate a superflat world.

Nothing will be held against you if under the ocean is grass, but convert at least a semi coastline with sand underneath the water for the ocean.


-EFL, signing off


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  1. Seems cool. I might try it. Also, for those that do not know, you can make a super flat be all water using the presets.

  2. This sounds like fun!

  3. MapleMeringue

    I really should conduct scientific research on how many people mention the title ‘Minecraft’ before talking about it.
    Nobody I know has ever done so, which is bloody well annoying. :P

  4. “No World Edit is allowed.” “All terrain must be hand placed” I’m screwed.

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