I was “Bane” on the chat :P plz unban.


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  1. Serves you right. :P

  2. fastracer660

    Yeah yeah, how about we don’t. :P

  3. Maybe we need a rule saying that you can’t impersonate one another… :P

  4. I would like to inform whoever is in charge that I was unreasonably banned from your chat by “Wil”.

  5. Guest117 says “I would like to inform whoever is in charge that I was unreasonably banned from your chat by “Wil”.”. Easier to copy and paste than wait to allow. :P

  6. I would also like to say Wil mocked me by copying everything I said and posting it again.

    • I think Will was wrong in banning you, but you didn’t give your username when asked, and said you were people you were not. Please state now who you are on the MBs.

    • Well we aren’t going to force anybody to do anything. You can remain a faceless anon if you like, but you’ve spurred our curiosity.

      I’ve reason to suspect Bane is creeping about here, though, so I thought he might be you. Heck, you might be, I have no idea.

  7. WillCashien

    Ok, so here is the thing. There are rules against trolling and also impersonation around here, and you don’t deny you were saying you were several different people. I would say you are trolling because I made it quite clear I wished you to say who you were, I believe I said it was a rule, and you refused to answer. So, I am technically justified in banning you. I don’t really see why people would be upset at me for doing this. I deny that my intent was to mock you, I was joking with you when I was copying you, sorry you took it the wrong way. I would say you are just trying to get me in trouble by saying such nonsense here. However, I am sorry if you took offense at anything I did. I should have more adequately warned you, I suppose. I don’t now insist you share your name especially because Bucky said it is OK if you don’t. Again, I was perfectly justified if you look at the rules, but you were uninformed so I could have given you a pass. I suggest you read the rules now so ignorance is not an excuse, and I hope, if you stop trying to get me in trouble, that we can be friends. Again, I’m sorry if I offended you, Guest117.

  8. Sorry, Will.

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