Diplomacy: Fall 2

Fall 2

Here’s the map for Fall 2.  Moves are due Wednesday, at 6.

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Dear Oxy, #46

Dear Oxy,

46 is my lucky number, so congratulations!  Ever since Todd Christensen (#46) helped the Oakland Raiders win the Super Bowl in 1984, which, by the way, was also the debut of the immortal Apple advertisement that encouraged me to start investing in technology, which is how I’ve gotten to where I am today.  In recognition of that momentous and lucky day and number, could you make some predictions about the future that I may or may not use for investments?

Yours truly,


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Will’s RolePlay Scenario Season 2 #4!


Colbert approved

My header images never make sense. It’s part of what we do here at “Will’s RolePlay Scenario,” part of the amateur charm, if you will. But perhaps it’s time I git gud, idk.

Anyway, your scenario for this week:

GACP: Your attack on the generator has worked, and the Omnidroid has been deactivated and your crewmembers freed. Upon deactivation, two of the creators of the omnidroids show up, and- get this, APOLOGIZE for the actions of one of their cheekier creations. They offer to commit those who had already been made part of the rebellious Omnidroid’s hive mind army to the GACP cause. Do you accept?

Federation: Even though you don’t agree to the hostage thing, the boarders are convinced by their god to let you go. You are free. But they say that you will only get an audience with their governmental officials and only receive their help should you prove yourselves by blowing up a small adjacent planet named Argos, which has strong GACP leanings, and a feud with Logos V. Do you blow up the people below?

Story Time With Will: The Path to Deus


Hello and welcome to another edition of Story Time with Will. I’m afraid I had a little less time this week than I planned, so I will be publishing a shorter draft of the monk story than I originally planned on, but I still rather like what I came up with. Also, as promised, I have for you another chapter of the story I started last week, Section 166. I will, as I said, turn out at least one chapter until it is finished. Both can be found below, but first, you guys know the drill, it’s time to vote:

New story ideas (I’m running out of numbering systems for new stories, but I wanna see how far I can go before having to switch back to normal numbers)

!  A guy writes from jail about his experience. He was arrested on a misdemeanor by a overly-lawful good cop (for those of you familiar, see the Templar Knight on TVTropes) and released on bail. He is poor, and can’t pay it back. So armed vigilantes come and take him away. Now he’s in prison, and his family doesn’t even know where he is. This is his story- and op ed against the oppressive cop and the system he represents (+1 for deep)

@ The United States of ‘Murica has become another Roman empire. This is the story of the statesmen, people, and Orwellian events that got us there.

# This is an apocalyptic scenario. Can humanity come together under the banner of one central leader? Or is that just what our enemies want to lead us down the wrong path?

$ A New chemical element has been discovered. Harmonium, a drug with no side-effects, is a gas found and bottled in the center of the Earth. One explorer has patented it, but many want to get their hands on it. Heard of the Opium wars? Well this is the Harmonium wars.

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Diplomacy: Spring 2

Spring 2

Here’s your flipping map!

Moves for Spring will be due Friday at 6:00 PM!  NO EXCEPTIONS



Build moves:


B Army: Moscow


Sammy Chestnuts:

B Fleet: Smyrna



B Fleet: Naples



B Army: Trieste

B Army: Vienna



B Army: Paris

B Fleet: Marseilles



B Fleet: Kiel



B Fleet: London


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