Will’s Roleplay Scenario #13!



Look, a pair of Capybara! So cute ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)


Anyway, it feels like a while since I’ve done one of these. So let’s get to it before the world ends.


REPUBLIC: You’ve resolved the dispute between Erasmus and Draco, but you still have to decide the fate of your captives, including the king. You wanted to deal with them gently, at least in comparison to your gnome allies. How do you placate them? Do you let the gnomes tear the captives/king apart?


Nobility: question redux- The king is dead, but a lot of your army is also killed or captured. What is your next step?


Gnomes and dwarves: Your republic allies have as of yet not allowed you to torture or kill the king/other captives. Is it time to turn on your allies, or time to work out a deal, and if so, what deal?

Dear Oxy, #27

Dear Oxy,

Have you had one of those days where, you just don’t know if you used a comma right?  Doesn’t it bug you?  Me to.

Sinserely yours,

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Question #128! [REISSUE]


With the spectacular flop that was last week’s question, let’s try a reissue! I’ll add in more fluffy things this time, or maybe just gods/goddesses…

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Is it Any Good? #13: Ask me if it’s good

Hello SoL, welcome back to “Is it Any Good?”. I don’t really have a game planned, so I decided I’ll try something different. You leave a comment asking about a game, and I will do my best to give you my opinion on it.

If I’ve played the game, I’ll try to do a 3 paragraph long mini-review of it. If I haven’t, I’ll tell you what I think from what I’ve seen of it or heard about it.

So leave a comment if you’re interested!

Dear Oxy, #26

Dear Oxy,

Yours truly,

Jimmy Jones

Dear Jimmy,

My condolences about your heirloom.  I know exactly what it’s like to have to deal with completely inconsiderate people.  For instance, I was walking from my bed to my computer, and someone left a coffee table between the two.  My toe still aches a little.  Of course, a stubbed toe isn’t exactly comparable to your situation.

I noticed you mentioned the phrase, “closest volcano”.  Is it reasonable to infer that there are multiple volcanoes in your locale?  If so, that might be related to your people problem.  An area surrounded by volcanoes is bound to be also surrounded by jerks.  Throughout history, only the meaner people stayed on active volcanoes (dormant ones don’t count).  I would highly recommend relocating.  Canada’s nice this time of year, or so I’m told.

Yours truly,

Dear Oxy

P.S. Happy Valentine’s day to all you couples out there.  Enjoy celebrating the beheading of a priest who secretly married couples and then tried to convert the Roman emperor to Christianity (according to one legend).

P.P.S. Uber points to those who can guess what Jimmy’s question was without reading the html for the picture’s link hidden above the picture.


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