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     Happy Thursday! Your question, should you choose to accept it, is a simple one. What happened in the above picture? Use no less that 50 words and no more than 100. Go!


We interupt our normally scheduled week…

Have you ever wondered how in the world game creators get such imaginative names for the weapons, characters, and equipment in games? Of course you have! This morning I bring you a few of the undoubtedly cool words employed by the third-person-shooter Warframe. There are quite a few interesting words choice in this game, but for now I’ll tackle three weapons: the Sicarius Prime, the Latron Prime, and the Furis.


The Sicarius PrimeSicarusPrime The Sicarus fires 3-round bursts, which provide a balance between the lethality of auto-pistols and the accuracy of semi-automatic pistols. [source]

     I was quite pleased to find a very historical story behind this name. Back when Rome was still pretty hot stuff and ruled much of the known world, the Sicarii were a band of Israel patriots who violently opposed the Roman occupation of their homeland. The name of their movement models the Latin word secare which means to slice. The first century historian Josephus described the Sicarii by “…their unbounded love for freedom and by the fact that they accept God as their only master and leader. They are freely and readily prepared to submit to even the most horrible of deaths…” [link] These men carried small daggers with them that allow for the dispatching of Roman authorities followed by quick escape.

     Some scholars believe that Judas Iscariot, one of the followers of Jesus Christ, was a member of the Sicarii. These thinkers find that Judas’ own radical beliefs found Jesus Christ to be the coming warrior-king that would kick the Romans out of Israel’s rightful place in the world. When Judas saw that this was not going to be the case with Jesus Christ, he betrayed his master in order to stir up rebellion against the Roman authorities.

     There is also, horror of horrors, an assassin spider called a Sicarius. I’ll let you look into that on your own…

The Latron Prime
The ornamental Latron Prime exploits ancient Orokin technology to get a slight damage increase over the standard Latron. [source]

    Latron, as defined by the Merriam-Webster Dictionary, is rooted in the Greek word for a Mercenary. What is interesting to note is the Greek root of this word, which means to pay or hire with money. From this Greek term we get the Latin latro, which means “bandit”. Following this historical train down the tracks a bit more gets us the accusation of latrocinium, or highway robbery.

The Furis

The Furis delivers a high damage output in a short time frame thanks to its high rate of fire. [source]

     This particular weapon has quite a few possibilities for its namesake. From the Portuguese we have the verb furar which refers to puncturing, breaking, or otherwise piercing something.

     If you are at all familiar with Greek mythology, the word Furis probably conjures up ideas of The Furies. These were infernal goddesses concerned with revenge and false oaths. Their rabid actions and violent personalities in such works as the Orestia tell of their, ahem, furious nature.

     So there you have it! With a little leg work you see just how much thought goes into naming things in games. Or at least I hope these developers of games such as Warframe put this much effort into things… What do you think about this type of naming system? Should items be named for specific reasons, or is a cool moniker enough? And if you have any requests or research of your own, be sure to share it in the comments below!


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LEGO Universe

First off, I’m not dead! I’ve been really inactive lately, but high school and stuff is kinda taking up a lot of my time soooo….yup.

Anyway, on to more exciting stuff. LEGO universe has been closed for almost two and a half years now. That’s a long time. And after all this time, I have found a way to play it again. I’m serious. Not a scam. It works. First off, here is a video of playing LU March 2014:

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Happy Thursday, dear readers! Now, your question.

What does your ideal place of residence look like? In need not be a house, only a place to live. How big is it? Where is it? Why have you chosen this location and type of living place?



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What is the strangest original song you have ever heard? No covers, redubs, or remixes, please! Just cold, hard, original insanity.




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