Munchies with Moonkat: Week 4

chef kat

Hello everyone, welcome to Munchies with Moonkat! This week we’ll be doing something simple and tasty, a basic Balsamic Roasted Pork Loin.

pork tenderloin

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Tales of Galifan #3


The SS Screw You, Penetrator class space ship owned by the notorious pirate Galifan.

Surprise Penetration

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Munchies With Moonkat: Week 3

chef kat

Welcome to week three of Munchies with Moonkat! This week’s recipe is a pretty simple one, though there are some variations you can find online that are more complicated. But food doesn’t always have to be complicated! This one is a little something called Shrimp Creole, and boy is it tasty – ideal for the spicy seafood lover in your life!

shrimp creole

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Arthur Flemming & The Demon’s Budah. Part II: Interlude.

Arthur Flemming & The Demon’s Budah.

Part II: Interlude.

Well it appears as though we have a bit of time to kill. After a brief debate it was decided Jimmy should mop up his own piss, while Alex fetched the boy a fresh pair of pants. My flat was upstairs and there was talk of him borrowing a pair of slakes. I shot this down of course. I am not letting someone who pees themselves over a bit of fire, wear my tailored silk dress pants. So we have a bit of time while things sort themselves out. Also to those of you who are clever: Yes this is a story and I could just skip ahead. Unfortunately for you clever people an exposition dump is a good literary device for the lazy writer. It is also a wonderful tool to make sure everyone is on the same page. Not everyone can be as clever as you and pick up on details as they occur naturally. Some people require a bit of hand holding.

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Tales of Galifan #2


First Mate Phil. Galifan’s Best Friend.

Private Thoughts of a Space Pirate

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