Will’s Roleplay Scenario Season 2 #1!


As promised, here is the preview/unofficial first edition of my second roleplay scenario! I hope you enjoyed the first one, as I plan at some point to return to the world of grynswald for at least another sequel, and possibly a prequel as well. But for now, as you may have guessed by the header image, we move to the Sci-fi genre for season 2! Sorry that this is going to be a semi-long post, but that is rather necessary when ending an old roleplay/starting a new one.

In this scenario, space explorers have managed to colonize various planets and maintain control  over several other planets inhabited by alien species as well (think colonization of the Americas, but in space.) This collection of planets has been deemed the Galactic Alliance of Colonized Planets (or the GACP) and was originally founded as a democratic republic, though they do not allow most non-humans to vote in their elections, and have recently elected a large number of corrupt politicians to the senate. The new senators have shown themselves to be very hostile towards the alien species loving in their domain (again think early eurpoean colonization), and have also imposed high tariffs on imported goods, which has angered the merchants. Furthermore, these senate members have granted themselves emergency powers in order to deal with the current economic downturn in the GACP, a move which many regard as government overreach. However, many truly honorable senators remain, who are intent on reforming the GACP government, relinquishing emergency powers,  and embracing more progressive policies.

However, as it stands, a group of entrepreneurs has funded a rebellion which we will refer to simply as the federation. This group states that they wish to end the corruption in the GACP government and return to the democratic roots on which this government was founded. They draft a new constitution and, as a group, secede from the GACP, attempting to gather planets to their allegiance. However, the Federation is not all good either. They seek to gain the support of rogue merchants, and thus have thus promised a continuation of the slave trade under their rule (whereas the GACP was attempting to rid themselves of such an institution.) The Federation also has this pesky habit of testing new weapons of mass destruction on planets which do not agree to join their alliance.

As with a civil war here on earth, immediately after secession (which is when this roleplay begins) there is a scramble on each side to assure the allegiance of every planet possible.

You are on one of two ships, either the GACP ship the Pride and Beauty or the Federation vessel the Fraternity. Each ship is rather large, possessing both larger laser canons, and small piercing missiles, a capability to enter hyper space, shields, and a cloaking device. Both ships are tasked with a similar mission, though obviously for different sides; to rally different known planetary systems to your side, and also to explore the galaxy looking for new planets and races to win to your side. No doubt these two ships will run into each other, as well as other enemies, unknown alien races, and a wide variety of interesting characters I have planned for you to meet.

On each ship, there are several positions available:

Captain: Self-explanatory.

Exploration leader: The person who leads a team of 3 other crew members to explore any planet the captain orders.

Exploration team members: See above

Communications: Has knowledge of most alien languages, and excels at diplomacy.

Medic: Self-explanatory role, has the ability to identify any illness/wound via a nifty gadget they carry around, and to shield any crew member for up to a minute.

Gunner: Self-explanatory.

These positions are first come, first serve, as is which side you’re on. If the sides are uneven, the last people to have joined the more populated side will have to be moved, so do please try to make things easy and adjust your characters to which side has the most openings.

With the scenario described and that disclaimer about choosing sides out of the way, get on it! Your first question is all about your character- who are they, what is their backstory, which ship they are a crew member of, and which position they hold. This is Will, signing out. See you the Tuesday after next, back to regular time.

Will’s (First) Roleplay Scenario: Finale and Epilogue


Hello and welcome to the last edition of this first RP scenario. There is no need to answer any questions here, for this is the post in which the fate of the battle is described! Based upon your decisions in this last question (which you may have noted was over-simple. I just needed to confirm the alliance before writing this scene.) I have constructed a narrative of the battle to come and the fallout thereafter. As a disclaimer, if I kill off your character, I apologize, I am simply basing this off of what decisions/battle plans have been made thus far.

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Dear Oxy, #40

Dear Oxy,

I’ve been watching some Dr. Who episodes, and I stumbled upon a bit of a conundrum.  If our future is the past for the Doctor, then is there any such thing as freedom of choice?  If he were to come and tell me what my entire life would be like, I would have no choice but to do exactly that, because I’d already done it.  I haven’t seen a whole ton of Dr. Who episodes, so maybe the show explains it somehow, but I don’t have time to watch them all.  Any thoughts?

Yours truly,


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Question #139!

Books for CRF2Today’s question is brought to you by Will Cashien! Thanks for suggesting/inspiring this one so I can obfuscate it beyond all recognition.

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Will’s RolePlay Scenario #18! The End is Nigh



Hello and welcome to your dooooooooooooooooooooooooooom.


Yes, tis the last roleplay scenario, at least in this set. Tomorrow I will make a followup post detailing how your answer to this final question makes the battle play out and how many of you survive, and the day after that, I will do a special post with an intro to the new scenario, so you can be thinking about what you want to do for the next two weeks after.


Anyway, this last question is for all of you, and it is very simple. I believe we have established that both sides wish to get rid of Avidan, but shall you band together to defeat this threat, or simply have a three way battle where you destroy as many of your enemies as possible?


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