Dear Oxy #58

Dear Oxy,

If horror is only effects itself, how can it be scary?

I’m going to get really dark here.  Imagine for a second, you’re playing a video game, and you learn that there is potentially something that affects someone in real life when you do something in the game

What if it turns out that you are completely missing the point of this game, which was that it was a developers suicide note?  Like… I’m stopping here.  This is too drak.  Too much drakness.



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Question #148!


Welcome to Question #148! This question is a variation on one provided by our local Draco.

You are invited to a special state dinner, to receive some sort of award. Through a strange set of events, you find out that the head chef used to be a hitman, and that you were supposed to be his next target,  but now he has expressed the desire to turn his life around and have a fresh start. He begs you to not tell anyone. The only problem? He’s serving your food. What do you do?

Dear Oxy, #57

Dear Oxy,

My friends are constantly on their phones texting while I’m trying to talk with them.  Is there a good way to get them to stop and have a real conversation?

Yours truly,


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Question #147!


Hello and welcome to Question #147! I was headed out today for a trip for college visits/fencing tournaments. I also had a conversation with LL earlier about a trip he plans to take. This got me thinking- it would be interesting to know who in SoL is the most well traveled! So for this week’s question, what states have you been to (you can include your home state if you want)? What countries have you been to?

I’ll start-

States: Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Vermont, Maine, New York, New Jersey, Rhode Island, Maryland, Pennsylvania, Virginia, Georgia, Texas, California, Ohio, Missouri, Wisconsin, Nevada.

Countries: Murica (obviously) Canada, Germany.

Through the Nights. Season 02, Episode 10.


“The Future… something which everyone reaches at the rate of sixty minutes an hour, whatever he does, whoever he is.”
-C.S. Lewis

Previously, on Through the Nights

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