Question #143!


Welcome to the reboot of the Question of the Week! Due to the h’awesome job LL did on his fill-in for my Roleplay Scenario, LL and I decided that we might switch places for a while, freshen things up. In the vein of this switch, this week’s question is as follows:

You have the ability to possess a member of the SoL…to take over their body for a day. Who is it and why? Do you use it for good or for ill?

Will’s Roleplayer Scenario. Season 02, Episode 07.


Welcome back to Will’s Roleplay Scenario! After a brief hiatus, we are back in full force! Our friend Will is out of town on business, and he asked me to fill in for him this week. So now, without further ado, your scenarios.

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Diary of a Clueless Human #1


My name is Samuel Greenwood, and I’m new to the blog. I am a 19 year old student who is just hoping to find out more about himself and his world through his various adventures around New York. I am studying gender issues of racial environmental studies at NYU while chasing my dream of becoming an actor. What you see above are my headshots. Notice that neither of them are actually HEADshots. This is because I believe in what I like to call “full body acting” and believe that by displaying the entire human form (clothed, of course) to my perspective employers, I am better demonstrating my true self and who I can be as an actor. I hope to learn as I go on this crazy journey, and some day be hired to make a big time movie from which I can have a platform to speak about various political issues, and hopefully open the eyes of this country to the problems facing it, such as the over consumption of fast food joints. I hope to see you around, and that we can all have an eye-opening discussion.

Dear Oxy, #52

Dear Oxy,

I think I have an issue with receiving compliments, especially when they’re of a duplicative nature.  “I wish we could clone you” or “I wish there were more of you” are examples.  I can’t tell if these are even compliments or not, much less how I should react.  Please help!


Yours truly,

Rainbow the cat

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Story Time with Will: An Announcement


‘Merica: the best at fencing.

Announcement! I am temporarily postponing Story Time with Will due to my channeling any story-creation efforts into this story contest ( I plan to submit my first sample chapters within the next couple of days. The story idea I had planned out is a cross between science fiction and fantasy, having interstellar explorers in Earth’s future discover and attempt to colonize a far off planet operating under the physical laws of your typical fantasy universe. The story would be told from the perspective of a conscript into Earth’s army, and consist of his various musings about a war that pits artillery shells against dragon scales. As you may have read from the contest information presented above, the winner is the person with the most readers/pre-orders. the standard price for pre-ordering someone’s book is $9.99 USD. When I publish the first sample chapters, I would very much appreciate it if any of you had 10 dollars to spare and might be interested in helping me out by pre-ordering (you are not charged the $9.99 unless I am in the top 5 contestants) A pre-order would be appreciated if you can, and, if you can, tell you literature-minded friends to check out my story idea as well. The more pre-orders, the better. Once I have everything set up, I will link to where you can pre-order. Any help is much appreciated.

In the meantime, I would like input on how to make this the best possible story. Contest entries ask for a small blurb like the ones that go on book jackets which will hook the audience on the story inside. If anyone has suggestions for the best one which will get potential readers interested, list them below. Also, if anyone is semi-proficient at art (*glares at Draco* not pixel art) and wants to make a cool-looking cover pertaining to the story, it would be much appreciated, and of course, I will credit you. (Also let me know if you know of a place I can get other covers that don’t infringe upon copyright. What did  you do for your book, Ace?)

I’d really appreciate any help. This is going to be fun!



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