I’m new here

My name is Hatch, you may have seen me around before, decided to officially join the SoL.

…So what’s up?

Important Announcement


Today, the Glorious Revolution kindled anew in hearts and minds of all loyal citizens. We have of throwing off bounds of old system and ways. From today, we are the United Soviet Swords of Light! All are now of equals, and all shall be of equals until end of time.

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Dear Oxy, #50

Hello, readers!

Since I’m told 50 is a special number, Dear Oxy will be postponed to next Saturday.¬† It will be a Choose Your Own Adventure, where I ask you sequential questions and you answer them, culminating in a psychological profile of yourself, as well as a sandvich.

Yours truly,

Dear Oxy

Diplomacy: Winter 4

Winter 4

This turn’s map! ¬†Build orders are due Saturday at 6:00 PM

Last turn’s moves:

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Will’s Roleplay Scenario Season 2 #6!


Hello and welcome to my RP scenario. Sorry this post is a day late, I have been on a mission from the government to investigate yet another anomaly- this time a suspicious seeming biker gang which has been said to hail from a mysterious base in the center of the earth. They call themselves the hell’s angels. That name sounds familiar, but where from….?

Federation: The two planets agree to peace terms under condition that if a war should ever arise between them again, the federation will side against the aggressor, and you move on from this sector, confident that your captain has avoided yet another crisis. You are happy that you were not forced to murder thousands, perhaps millions, on the planet below.

Though you might have to do just that.

Another planet, Yaloo V, has decided to fire upon federation ship, shooting down 100 pilots and sending them right to the GACP capital to be tortured/executed. This was done to regain favor with the capital after Yaloo V’s infamous prison break. The federation has ordered you to take revenge and show this planet what for. Do you obey orders from above?

GACP: Meanwhile, you have convinced the 12 planets to accept these new soldiers provided the creators of the omnidroids have no say in their control from now on. However, as you begin to use your army, distributing some on each planet and taking some with you as a fighting force, you begin to hear rumors that they are doing their job far too well. They are executing civilians mercilessly should the armies of any planet not comply. Do you stop this? If so, how?


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